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Basic Septic Tank Replacement Information and Warning Signs

Basic Septic Tank Replacement Information and Warning Signs

Basic Septic Tank Replacement Information and Warning Signs

Wondering whether your septic system is functioning properly? If you suspect something may be wrong with your septic system but are not certain what the issue is, you will definitely want to have a professional septic tank inspection done. A professional septic tank inspection can identify potential problems that, if left undetected, could result in costly septic system repairs. If you notice any sort of discoloration or change in the color or texture of your septic tank, it would be in your best interest to consult a professional septic system contractor. There are a variety of different indicators to look out for if you’re wondering whether or not you need a Septic tank replacement then here are just a few of the signs you should look out for.


 If your septic system has developed a discoloration due to various things such as organic materials washing down the drain, or perhaps a high percentage of white scum from building up on your surface, this is a good indicator that the pump and piping are being strained at the system’s pump stations. To remedy this, simply have the pipes re-routed to the proper areas, or possibly have your waste water tested for contamination to see if there are any contaminants present. In addition, if you do not feel comfortable having your waste water tested, simply contact your local government offices for assistance in testing the water. In all likelihood, they will advise you to have your waste water replaced since the quality level is no longer acceptable for drinking.

Pumping Failure

Another common indicator of problems with septic tanks is when the pump itself begins to fail. This generally occurs when older septic systems use gravity to help relieve the pressure on the system. Newer septic systems, such as the ones that utilize high velocity pumping, use pumps that are electronically controlled. When an old system fails, it can take many years for the tank to be repaired. This means when you are considering your options as to what is the best way to replace your septic tank, make certain your new pump will work with the age of your tank.

Heavy Strain

Lastly, if you notice a steady flow of excess water from your household or yard, or even if you notice the water being discharged into a drainage field, then there is usually a problem. As stated above, it is quite common for older septic tanks to fail, since the plumbing within them cannot handle the daily load placed upon them. If the tank fails, it is important to immediately have the lining around the tank removed so that the system can be serviced and properly repaired. The lining is typically made of thick sludge which helps stop the flowing of heavy wastewater but allows access to clean outside water. Without this, there would be an accumulation of fecal and human waste in the bottom of the tank, leading to a slow and likely unsuccessful process of septic tank replacement…

Any strong odors or indications that there is no longer a functioning septic tank replacement on the horizon should also be given a great deal of attention. Strong odors that originate from the tank itself can often mean there is something physically wrong inside. As for warning signs, these may include a strong odor that emanates from the tank itself, or possibly strong odors coming from the drainage fields that surround it. Both of these warning signs should be given a great deal of importance, as they could indicate serious problems that could lead to more expensive repairs.

The most common way that septic tank baffles are changed is by the installation of a new one. However, the older tanks may also need to be replaced with newer, more efficient tanks. Some wastewater treatment centers offer tank cleaning services which may be able to upgrade your existing tank system to meet modern standards. Alternatively, a professional sewage cleaning and maintenance company could provide you with a free estimate on the cost of the necessary upgrades. In any case, it should be noted that the most important thing you can do for the sake of your yard’s health is to invest in maintaining a clean septic tank system.

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