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Before Vacuum Excavator: Why You Need Locates Before Completing

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We must locate underground utilities before performing a Vacuum Excavator Hydro Vac excavation or Dry Suction excavation. It is possible to cause damage to your utilities, as well as to the surrounding area, and you and others. What you need to know about getting your locate done.

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Locations are essential for excavation and construction. They play a vital role in the safety and efficiency. The locates are a crucial tool in identifying the exact positions of underground utility cables, protecting against costly accidents and potential hazards. Locates visually reference the presence and location of cables, pipes, and wires buried underground. This allows construction workers, contractors, and homeowners to work confidently without compromising public safety or property integrity.

The Diversity of Buried Infrastructure

The underground world conceals an array of infrastructure vital to our everyday lives. The scope of locates is broadened to include a variety of utilities, including electricity, gas, oil, steam, communications networks, water supply systems, sewers, stormwater management, and even irrigation and slurry pipes. This extensive coverage highlights the importance of locates for virtually all excavation and building activities.

Legal Implications

The legal framework that supports locates is often overlooked. Utility companies retain jurisdiction and ownership over underground infrastructure regardless of its location. The legal right of underground infrastructure translates to a responsibility for protection and preservation. Individuals and organizations must follow strict guidelines in planning and executing their excavation projects.

The Consequences Of Neglecting Locations

Ignoring the critical step of requesting a locate can cause negative consequences. Utility damage is one of the most serious consequences. It can lead to financial hardships, severe injuries, or even legal action. Failure to adhere to locates has far-reaching consequences that can cause harm to all parties.

The Locate Process

Requesting an excavation locate is a simple process that facilitates safe excavation. Ontario One Call, for example, can be contacted to initiate the process. Project details are required. These details include the type of work to be done, the maximum excavation depth, the digging method chosen, and any other pertinent information. Utility companies can use this simple procedure to ensure they have all the necessary information to conduct accurate locates.

Utility companies strive to finish the locate process quickly, usually within five days, once a request has been submitted. This rapid turnaround is essential for minimizing project delays and ensuring everyone’s safety. Markings on the ground indicate utility lines are valid for 30 days, allowing flexibility with project timelines. If an excavation project exceeds this period, it is necessary to make a follow-up request on-site for accuracy and safety.

Respecting Markings & Compliance

Maintaining the integrity of markings left by the utility companies during the locating process is essential. Each infrastructure company provides detailed instructions which must be strictly followed. This commitment to complying with the regulations not only ensures safety, but also highlights the shared responsibility that all stakeholders have in maintaining the integrity of underground structures.

Get The Best Services In The Central Oregon Area

Hydrovac Excavation and Alternative Locate Agreements

Hydrovac Excavation and dry Vacuum Excavator are very effective methods for vacuuming dirt and materials. The safest, most efficient, and cost-effective digging method for “soft excavation” is that the material removed can be moved out of the project area or managed correctly for reuse.

Both Vacuum Excavator methods, as opposed to manual or machine-based excavations, are non-destructive. They can remove clay, ice, sand, and gravel. Used for a variety of applications, including digging near underground utilities.

Even though Vacuum Excavator has been proven to be a safe method of digging, locates must still be performed before any excavation can begin. Exceptional circumstances may not require traditional field locates. An Alternate Locate Agreement can be used to proceed safely without the traditional on-site discovery. The ALA outlines the specific procedures and methods that must be followed. It also includes clauses on termination, insurance, and legal liability.

Cost of The LSP (locate service provider)

An ALA is beneficial to both the utility plant owner as well as the excavator. The cost of the LSP (locate service provider) is reduced significantly because the number of unnecessary locate requests is reduced. The construction work will be completed faster and better.

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