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central oregon contractor

Finding an expert Central Oregon contractor will ensure that you have a partner that’s able to help you properly prepare your site and make sure that you can get ready with your project. Our commercial and residential excavation company based in central Oregon to assist you with complete site preparation, septic system installs, tank replacement, trenching, concrete preparation, site grading, and more.

Our team wants to appropriately grade your property and make sure that you’ll be able to start construction with full confidence. We handle all of the appropriate permits and work closely with local surveying companies to ensure that your property in Oregon is appropriately graded and excavated. Whether you’re in need of light demolition tasks or you could use ongoing assistance with preparing a brand-new site for a fresh build, we’re a team that is here to help with the correct equipment and plenty of experience in the field. 

central oregon contractor

Our central Oregon contracting company in the excavation has over 10 years of experience. We’ve been operating throughout central Oregon and we can assist with commercial and residential property preparation. We have extensive attention to detail in all that we do in excavation and we’ve completed thousands of excavation projects. Because we worked with many companies and individuals across Oregon, we face many challenges along the way. Ready to take on any task in commercial or residential excavation and we want to ensure that we can deliver the most efficient processes in commercial and residential excavation throughout the state. Our team offers no obligation and free consultations for excavation tasks all across central Oregon. It’s our goal to provide you with fast quotes as they are required and great solutions for your property excavation needs. 

Our excavation work and get you up and running with the right construction processes. We work with many local authorities to ensure that we can handle the process of excavation legally and safely. We also work with many local builders to provide ongoing excavation tasks for the latest builds across the state of Oregon. Whether we are handling drainage tasks, installing new septic lines, or roughing in a property for brand-new construction tasks, we want to ensure that the jobs that are done are right and exceeding the code for excavation in Oregon. 

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central oregon contractor

Greenbar Excavation is a family-owned business located in Prineville, Oregon that specializes in excavation, grading, and site preparation services. We have been providing these services to customers for over 20 years and are proud of our reputation as one of the best excavation companies in the area. Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand how important it is to provide quality workmanship on every job we take on. 

We offer a wide range of excavating services done by the best central Oregon contractor team such as land clearing, trenching, foundation digging and installation, demolition projects, large or small scale septic systems installations, road construction & repair, rock wall building & retaining walls. All our operators are certified by OSHA standards with experience ranging from 5+ years up to 25+ year’s service experience which allows us to handle any project regardless size or complexity. We also use only top-of-the line equipment so you can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently and effectively each time you hire us! 

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At Greenbar Excavation we strive for excellence when working with clients whether they need residential or commercial grade excavations. Our goal is always customer satisfaction no matter what type of job we do; from single home improvements all the way up to major industrial sites requiring extensive earthworks -we guarantee high quality results at competitive prices! With decades worth of combined industry knowledge under belt there’s nothing Greenbar Excavation can’t handle when it comes down getting ground ready for whatever purpose may require!

Don’t look any further, go with the company with your best interest in mind! We offer a multitude of services which are:

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