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Commercial And Residential Demolition

Commercial Residential Demolition

Commercial And Residential Demolition are the two main forms of demolition. GreenBar Excavation is here to help.

Commercial Demolition

Sometimes, commercial and residential demolition is needed to completely have a fresh starting point. Perhaps you’ve just bought a property that needs some work and now want to start from scratch. Perhaps the existing structures are too difficult to modernize. No matter what your situation may be, our demolition crews are available to assist you. We can handle all permits, structure removals, site work, debris cleanup, and recycling.

Sometimes businesses just need a facelift. Sometimes, they must be taken down to concrete to allow for better construction. GreenBar Excavation will work with your company to achieve the best possible results at the most affordable price, no matter what the reason. Ask if you need to keep your business open during renovations. We’ll work with you to create a plan. What are you waiting to do? Get a free estimate from us by calling us now! While the bones of your building may be in good shape, that does not mean that the internals is. The floors can become worn and chipped. Even layouts that were once ideal can now be a hindrance to future growth and plans. To accommodate renovations, pipes, electricity, and sewage might need to be rerouted. This requires interior demolition.

Partial demolition can be done on any section of a building. This could be a few offices, a whole floor, or an area of play in a fast-food joint. Or maybe a deep-storage freezer outback. You don’t have to begin demolition with a wrecking ball. You have reached the right place if you are looking for a professional and surgical partial demolition. Let’s talk to you today and see how we can help! Preparation is key to any commercial demolition or construction project. It is important to plan ahead and measure twice before cutting once. We can help you with clearing land, preparing vacant lots, laying new foundations, or reworking parts of existing structures.

Residential Demolition

Sometimes, it is necessary to complete the demolition. Perhaps the house is in ruins. Perhaps there was a disaster. Maybe it is time to upgrade. We will gladly demolish your home and leave a clean lot. GreenBar Excavation adds a personal touch to home demolitions. This is probably the first time you’ve ever done it. It’s okay, we’ve done it before. We can help you navigate the entire process from permits to cleanup and everything between. Before a house can become a ruin, there are many things to remember. They are all covered. We’ve been there a few times.

Swimming pools are wonderful until they stop being so. Perhaps the children moved out. Perhaps the upkeep and maintenance are getting too much for you. Perhaps you are looking to restore your yard or create a patio. We can help you for whatever reason. We have the expertise, the crews, and the tools necessary to handle any pool that you throw at us. Concrete is heavy. Concrete is heavy. Concrete is heavy and not something you can throw out at the curb and have the garbage man haul it away. Concrete is not something most people would like to do on their own. Our crews can cut, break down, remove, or recycle any concrete that you require. Before you begin a residential demolition project, it is important to have as much information as possible. There are many moving parts to consider. You might be apprehensive about residential demolition if you are not familiar with the process.

We have compiled a complete set of resources to help you answer all your questions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information and to get started now!