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Commercial Building Demolition Costs

commercial building demolition

You are losing money if you delay in commercial building demolition. It’s time for a contractor to take over if you own a commercial property that needs to be demolished.

The first question you should ask is how much it costs to demolish commercial buildings. You want to find the lowest price and the best deal, so you need to research the costs. Continue reading to learn more about the cost breakdown of commercial demolition.

Commercial Demolition Cost Factors

It will be obvious that the cost to demolish commercial buildings depends on many factors. These include the location, building condition, building size, cost permits and other costs. Safety and insurance are also considered when calculating the demolition costs.

Let’s look at each aspect, and see how demolition costs can vary depending on which factor.

Geographic Location

Oregon, which is in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States, is near California. It is close to San Francisco, a major American city. This means that it has a high cost of living. Materials and labor are more expensive than in other parts of the country.

It is important to consider your geographical location. There are many benefits to living in a location like Oregon. These include the proximity to jobs and businesses, as well as the beauty of the changing seasons. You may pay more for demolition in OR but you have a greater chance of making money with your commercial business.

How much does it cost for an Oregon commercial building demolition? These other factors should also be taken into consideration.

Access Is Easy

How easy it is for you to reach your building will determine the cost of demolition. If you want a high-rise building to be demolished but there is no way for it to fall, logistical costs will apply. The accessibility of the building will determine the cost.

Condition Of The Building

Are large excavators able to reach the property with ease? Is there enough room for a wrecking ball? Are implosions safe for use in the building? Before you start the project, it is important to answer all of these questions. The more complicated the project, the more costly it will become.

The first step in the process of demolishment is to assess the building’s condition. Is there any hazardous materials within the building that must be removed? Is the building required to be asbestos removed and approved by an environmental protection agency?

For commercial buildings, asbestos removal can run up to $2-3 per square feet. You could be severely punished if you demolish a building with asbestos that has not been properly remedied. Without proper asbestos removal, no reputable demolition company would sign on to the project. No matter the cost, this step is crucial to the project.

The condition of the building is checked for any hazardous materials. Doors are also blocked. This prevents anyone from entering a dangerous structure about to be destroyed.

Building Size

The square footage of the building will determine the project cost. The square footage of your building can be estimated by measuring its length and multiplying that number by its width. Split the building into smaller shapes to calculate the cost per square feet.

A larger building will be more expensive than one that is smaller. A building with multiple floors, for example, will cost more than a two-story building. Talk to a demolition contractor for a precise estimate on your commercial building demolition.

What is the cost of tearing down a commercial building? It depends on the building’s size.

Demolition Disposal

The removal of junk and other debris is an additional cost. Many materials can be recycled or reused for future projects. The rest are taken to the dump or hazardous waste drop offs. It can take a while to determine how much it costs to demolish commercial buildings.

Average Cost Of Commercial Demolition

The cost to demolish commercial buildings can range from $4-8 per square feet. The national average cost for commercial demolition is $24,000. The cost of obtaining a permit can exceed $10,000 depending on where you live and the size of your project. Some permits are also available for $200.

Ask your contractor if the permit fee is included in the estimate. The permit fees are usually included in estimates by contractors.

Once you know how to calculate the cost of demolishing a commercial building, it is time to hire a contractor. You want people who have been in the industry for years. Ask about their experience with commercial demolition.

Every question you have should be answered by your contractor with confidence. If your contractor doesn’t have the right insurance or safety guidelines, it’s time to find another contractor.

Ask around for recommendations and read online reviews about your contractor. There are many methods to find out who you can trust when it comes to contracting. Ask about safety records and job sites.

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