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Commercial Excavation Company Bend Oregon

Need a commercial excavation company in Bend Oregon, it is important to find a company that’s going to offer you the best level of support for your commercial property.

You may be in a rush to start construction quickly and this means finding a company that can work accurately and fast. Green Bar Excavation is a team that works in commercial excavations throughout Bend Oregon. We will help you cut through all the various challenges that you need to break ground quickly and improve your property. 

Commercial Excavation Company Bend Oregon

Greenbar Will Help You!

Our team is an expert in commercial projects such as environmental cleanup, pipeline repair, expansion and removal of old foundations, and full commercial excavations. Furthermore, Our commercial excavations services use with full permits for the area as well as a team that is able to work safely and efficiently to handle any commercial excavations needed. 

Commercial Excavation Company Bend Oregon

Greenbar Excavation's Tools

We at Greenbar Excavation has access to a wide range of heavy equipment to assist with proper site planning and preparation. We have  loaders, tractors, dump trucks and bulldozers and we can make sure that we bring along the best technicians and equipment to keep your job site running efficiently and safely. 

Our planning and preparation services involve grading soil as well as removing any environmental hazards from the land so that it can properly support these structures and the foundations. We handle all of the earth moving so that you can keep your property looking at its best as we excavate. 

Why Greenbar Excavation?

The excavation services that we offer can help you in everything from starting your foundation to removing the older items that are preventing construction throughout your property. If you are experiencing problems with environmental hazards on your property or you need waste removed, we perform this excavation task with ease. We can also handle projects related to water drainage, burying power lines and more. Anything that involves clearing out your land and making room for a new commercial property or beautifying your commercial property is exactly what we can handle. We want to set the proper stage for your new business or housing project. 

Our staff assists with all major tasks associated with commercial excavation including trench shoring, septic excavation, Hydro lines, foundation digging and more. We want to give you access to all the tools that you need to expand your business or break ground on a brand-new property as soon as possible. 

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Contact us today for all of your commercial excavation needs in Bend Oregon, we are a company that you can turn to as well as offering excellent customer service and we are a fully bonded and licensed business. Still on the fence? Check out our 5-star reviews!

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