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Commercial Excavation Company Redmond Oregon

If you are interested in expanding your business or you would simply like to clean up the property that your business is on, a commercial excavation company in Redmond Oregon is needed to oversee your projects and can be a crucial task for commercial property improvement. Whether you are starting with a raw piece of land or you could use development on other aspects of your property, we are a commercial excavation company in Redmond Oregon that is here to help. 

Green Bar Excavation is a team of experts in commercial excavation. We can handle projects such as environmental cleanup, waste removal, concrete excavation, septic excavation, and more. If you’re facing a number of challenges with your property with regards to the removal and proper grading, we can be on hand to build a solution for you. 

Commercial Excavation Company Redmond Oregon

Commercial Excavation Company In Redmond Oregon Services

Commercial excavation services are not something that you should take on as a DIY approach and our team in Redmond Oregon is able to come in with the right equipment, knowledge, and safety considerations to make sure that your commercial excavation can be handled with ease. 

We have heavy equipment that can properly prepare your site through professional commercial excavation. We are a team that handles the process of any job and we bring in all of the needed loaders, tractors, and bulldozers as well as dump trucks to handle the process accordingly. We have a team of equipment operators and technicians that can keep your job site running as efficiently as possible. 

Our site planning and preparation involves preparing the soil and we can make sure that the land can appropriately support any structures or foundations. We can handle all of the earthmoving and make sure that your property looks it’s absolute best before and after the excavation process. 

The excavation services that we offer include everything from securing your foundation to removing environmental hazards across your property. Whether you’re facing a series of hazards or waste that needs to be removed or you could use assistance with handling drainage across your property, we are the experts that can help you to set the proper stage for your foundation

Service: Septic system installation
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue
We had some settling after initial installation. Tanner and Sean came out and inspected. A few days later Ty came out and made repairs quickly. All very professional interactions, fast response, good quality. I recommend this company and their service with high regard. Thanks Tanner!

Rob Stephens

Excellent Work! Efficient, hard working employees! Very affordable and respectable company! Recommend to anyone! Exceeded all of our expectations!

Brad Kudlac

Service: Excavation & grading
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue
Tanner and crew did an outstanding job for us and I would give them the highest recommendation possible.
We asked for a bid to provide a building pad for a large pole barn and driveway on a pretty steep sloped lot.
They responded quickly with a competitive bid, waited patiently for us to get our permits online, kept ongoing communication with us so they could schedule us in effectively, and then completed the project in a timely manner.
We couldn’t be happier with the final results.

John Yeager

Just had a large septic and drain field job done on our older home in Bend by Greenbar Excavation. Great job done by a great crew of knowledgeable, professional, friendly and hardworking guys. They were very patient with my endless questions and explaining the process to me. Amazing work at great prices-would highly recommend.

Robin Ingram

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Our excavation services help with everything from securing a foundation to removing environmental hazards across your property. Whether you experience problems with environmental hazards or waste that needs to be removed from your property or you could use assistance with improving drainage throughout your commercial property, we can create a plan for you. We are experts in clearing out land, helping to remove excess water from your commercial property and securing a proper stage for your foundation. 

Our staff can assist with the process of commercial septic excavation, trench shoring, helping you bury hydro lines and more. We want to handle everything in excavation for your business that is required to help your site get ready for your business expansion or a brand-new business construction to take place.

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At Greenbar Excavation we strive for excellence when working with clients whether they need residential or commercial grade excavations. Our goal is always customer satisfaction no matter what type of job we do; from single home improvements all the way up to major industrial sites requiring extensive earthworks -we guarantee high quality results at competitive prices! With decades worth of combined industry knowledge under belt there’s nothing Greenbar Excavation can’t handle when it comes down getting ground ready for whatever purpose may require!

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