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Commercial Septic Systems In Culver OR

Commercial Septic Systems In Culver OR

Any commercial property needs infrastructure. We often forget to consider all the planning involved in a new restaurant, or a local park. This includes commercial septic systems in Culver OR. Clean water and a functioning septic system must be maintained by complying with all requirements and permits set forth by the Oregon Department of Environmental Protection.

These requirements are likely to be familiar if you have commercial property. What if you don’t know this information or are just starting a business? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about commercial septic systems in Culver OR.

Six Things You Need To Know About Commercial Septic Systems & Properties

1. What is a commercial property?

Commercial property is different from residential property, and it’s used for income and business purposes. These could be:

  • Apartment communities
  • Stores
  • Hotels
  • Locations for manufacturing
  • Offices
  • Laundromat

Your property can be considered commercial if it is being used for any other purpose than private use.

2. What is a commercial septic system?

When there is no municipal sewer system, septic systems can be installed. Commercial septic systems in Culver OR may be needed if there is no public system capable of supporting the higher flow of commercial properties or businesses.

Remember that just because a public system exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ready to handle your commercial property. As they say, assume.

3. How commercial septic systems differ from residential systems

Commercial septic systems are not much different than residential ones. They work in the exact same way. The sewage water is treated with natural bacteria to remove solid waste. It is then pumped into a drain field, where it is filtered further before being released back into ground.

Septic systems for your business, however, are quite different.

  • Business septic systems in Culver have higher wastewater volumes, so they require a larger tank.
  • Cleaning and maintaining large amounts of sewage requires different cleaning products and equipment.
  • Commercial properties can produce more contaminants than residential properties. These include fats, oils and grease, depending on the purpose of the property.
  • Commercial properties have a higher frequency of need for septic tanks to be pumped and serviced than residential ones. Because the effluent that enters the groundwater is more than what would be found in a private system, this is why commercial septic tanks need to be pumped or serviced more often. This prevents commercial properties from having a negative effect on the local water source.

4.Commercial Septic Systems In Culver OR can have different installation costs

There are many options available for your septic tank, just like a residential one. These options include:

  • Types of septic tanks. This could include the size, location, or material.
  • Standard for effluent. This is the amount of wastewater a property produces. This can vary depending on the type and size of your business.
  • Ground Conditions. This refers to the dimensions, layout, and materials of your property.

5. Regular maintenance is essential

Larger commercial septic systems produce more waste. It is important to schedule regular maintenance because of this.

Because it is more often used, sludge buildup in commercial septic tanks happens faster than in residential ones. This is something commercial septic owners need to be aware of in order to avoid a broken or overused drain field. The safety of drinking water can be severely affected by environmental contamination caused by commercial septic systems in Culver OR.

To ensure your commercial septic systems in Culver OR longevity and efficiency, it is important to inspect every working part.

6. It is important to manage water usage

Don’t overuse water. There are many ways you can be conscious about how much water your commercial property uses. Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of wastewater that your business produces.

  • You can prevent leaks from happening and make repairs if you notice them.
  • You can monitor the water used for landscaping and irrigation.
  • Invest in high-quality toilets, urinals and faucets. Are you ready to upgrade the bathrooms in your commercial property’s bathroom? Low-flow toilets and fixtures like them will reduce the amount of water used.
  • Tenants and employees should be educated. Let those who are most likely to use your commercial property know how to save water. This will help reduce water costs and the amount that goes into your septic tank.

These are just a few of the many things you should consider when maintaining or installing your commercial septic systems in Culver OR. At Greenbar Excavation you can find the right system for you. Greenbar Excavation is one of the top Excavation companies in Central Oregon. Don’t look any further, go with the company with your best interest in mind! We offer a multitude of services which include:

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