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Complete Septic System Installations

If you have lived in an urban area or city for most of your life, you may not even have a clue of what a septic system is! Households in urban areas are usually connected to central water treatment plants; the city has your plumping hooked up to the sewer to travel here. What if you live in a rural area with no sign of a centralized water processing system? This is where septic tanks come into the equation: a septic tank is an underground water treatment structure designed to hold your home’s wastewater and effectively purify it before delivering it back into the groundwater system. If you need help with Complete Septic System Installations contact us today!

How Does It Work?

Households produce a variety of wastewater from multiple sources, this includes your sinks, toilets, laundry and bathtubs. A septic tank is designed to separate the solids from this wastewater; the solids then sink to the bottom and what is left is known as effluent. Helpful bacteria work to digest the organic matter present in the wastewater. The next step takes part in the second part of the septic system: the drain field. After being treated by the septic tank bacteria is discharged into the drain field: an excavation in unsaturated soil made to help filter the wastewater more efficiently. The porous soil helps to treat and disperse the wastewater further while bacteria present in the ground helps digest the rest of the organic matter. Finally, the filtered product reenters the groundwater supply, recycled and filtered for new use! It is important to ensure you are working with a reputable company when it comes to septic tank installations; septic tanks are responsible for the filtering of wastewater and improper filtration is a danger to public and environmental health.

Tips for Maintaining A Septic System

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