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Concrete Prep And Finish

Concrete Prep And Finish

Concrete prep and finish are one of the most crucial steps in any building project is excavation and site preparation. It is vital that a foundation is in place to ensure the structure will last for as long as possible. However, there are several steps that must be completed before the foundation can be laid.

To ensure the foundation’s success, the site must be properly graded. If these steps are not taken, the structure could face serious problems in the future. When leveling and grading a site, we pay particular attention to the land slopes and how they direct water flow across your property. Bad grading can lead to slopes that direct water toward the foundation. This will create a lot of headaches for the owners.

Water can seep into foundations and cause damage over time. Hiring an excavation company with experience can help to put your worries to rest. Expert excavation contractors will properly grade and level the site so that the building crew can immediately get to work. Greenbar Excavation is a trusted contractor for Concrete Prep and Finish projects. We will adjust the site to ensure the best foundation conditions and structure. To ensure a successful preparation job, your contractor must follow these steps.

Site Clearing

Before any work can begin on a building site, it must be cleared. Each building site is unique so it is important to hire a contractor who has experience in clearing debris from different types of sites. Before the rest of your project can proceed, you must clear the site from vegetation, trees, and underbrush.

Soil Evaluation and Grading

Different soils can handle different structures’ weights. To determine the soil’s weight-bearing capacity, an expert excavation contractor will test it extensively. The site grading process can begin after this. Site grading refers to the process of leveling a site for construction and making sure the soil slopes away from the foundation in order to prevent future water damage.

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