Greenbar Excavation

Concrete Prep/Finish

The excavation and site prep that prefaces the actual build is one of the most important steps of any building project. A foundation is extremely important to helping a structure last as long as possible, but there are steps that need to be taken before the foundation can even be poured. A site must be properly graded and leveled to ensure that the foundation is able to prosper, if these precautions are not taken the structure will face serious problems down the road. When we work to level and grade a site we pay special attention to land slopes and how they direct the flow of water across your property. A site with bad grading will have slopes that direct water towards the foundation, and this will cause plenty of headaches for the owner. Water can seep into a foundation and work to damage it over time! However, hiring an experienced excavation company can put these worries to bed! Expert excavation contractors can properly level and grade the site so that when the building crew arrives they can get straight to work, no time wasted for you! Greenbar Excavation has handled hundreds of Concrete Prep/Finish projects and we always adjust your site to create the perfect conditions for the foundation and your structure. There are a few important steps your contractor has to take to ensure a good preparation job.

Site Clearing

Every build site has to be cleared before any work can start on it. Every build site is different so it’s important to have a contractor who is experienced in removing debris and clearing different types of build sites. Things like vegetation, trees, underbrush must be cleared from the site before the rest of the process can continue. 

Soil Evaluation and Grading

Not all soil is created equal, different soil compositions handle the weight of structures differently. An expert excavation contractor will extensively test the soil to evaluate its weight bearing capabilities. After this, the site grading process will begin. Site grading is the process of leveling a build site and ensuring the land slopes away from the foundation to prevent water damage in the future.

Whatever excavation service you need, Greenbar Excavation is a no brainer for the job! Serving the people of central Oregon with quality excavation services for a decade now, Greenbar understands the importance of knowing the land you’re working with! Contact us today with any site prep or excavation questions and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!