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Demolition Company Bend Oregon

Demolition Company Bend Oregon

Demolition Company In Bend Oregon

The demolition process can often be seen as a dangerous and difficult process. If you are going to be working in demolition with a professional demolition company you’re going to need to find a Demolition company in Bend Oregon that is ready to work on your jobsite safely and effectively.

Greenbar Excavation is a demolition company in Bend Oregon that can assist with a wide range of safe and effective demolition services!

Demolition Services

By offering safe and effective demolition support through our many years of experience, we can assist you with a wide range of interior and exterior demolition support. Our team are the most experienced demolition contractors in Bend Oregon and we are on the job with full insurance and licensing. We require full permits for the area and make sure that we create a quality demolition plan to preserve your property. We offer the following styles of demolition!

Controlled Demolition

We can handle full demolition services for larger building sites using wrecking balls, excavators and low-grade explosives. We can remove large-scale items like concrete barriers, foundations and full building structures. Our team also handles the complete cleanup process using our heavy equipment. 

Selective Demolition

We can offer selective demolition services where a site does not need to be completely demolished. We can sort through the items on your property as well as remove any of the harmful items that could cause a chain reaction throughout the demolition process. Our selective demolition process can preserve the parts of your property that you would like to keep in good condition while removing items that need to be taken out for structural integrity. 

Hazardous Material Demolition

We can help you to remove hazardous materials from your property including items like asbestos, fluorescent tubes and more. We can make sure that before we take on any type of demolition that your property and safe and ready to be worked on.

We handle both residential and commercial demolition solutions and we handle all of our jobs promptly and on time. Our team does not shy away from a challenge and with our experience in the demolition industry we can make sure that we adhere to all of the bylaws for demolition in Bend. 

Contact us today if you wish to explore quality demolition support for your business or home and check out our 5-star reviews!

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