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Demolition Company Madras Oregon

Demolition Company Madras Oregon

If you are seeking a quality demolition company in Madras Oregon, it is important to have support from the very best. Greenbar Excavation is the premier excavation service in central Oregon! We’ve served the people of Oregon faithfully for the past decade and we stand behind every excavation we perform!Demolition Company Madras Oregon

Our team works on exterior and interior demolition projects. We can offer safe demolition support for the removal of items across your property. We want to make sure that the task can be handled safely and with quality results. We offer a wide range of demolition services, the team at Greenbar has decided to compile a little list for you below!

Selective Demolition

Our selective demolition services can remove items from your property that you would like to take out of place for excavation purposes or for starting new construction. We can sort through the various items across your property and make sure that we can keep structures in place that are important to future projects. We ensure that all items can be removed from the property and the rest of your property can be kept in good condition!

Controlled Demolition

We handle complete controlled demolition that will not endanger the surrounding buildings or ecosystem. We offer this controlled demolition support for larger buildings as well as massive structures across your property. We use low-grade explosives as well as wrecking balls to remove items like full building structures, concrete barriers, and more. We have the team and the equipment to handle full cleanup services using our heavy equipment. 

As our team can handle both residential and commercial demolition solutions, we are ready to take on challenges of any size. We are a demolition company in Madras Oregon with extensive experience in the process of demolition. We are fully insured and we take on any type of demolition task under the support of bylaws in Madras as well. 

By contacting us today we can get an idea of what your demolition job will be like and what we should bring in for equipment. We want to make sure that we handle things efficiently and bring in the right dedicated workers that can keep your property clear of debris and properly supported throughout the demolition process. 

Call us today with any questions about our deep foundation excavation services and check out our 5-star reviews with Greenbar! We are the first to call when it comes to hiring a demolition company in Madras Oregon!

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