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The demolition process can often be seen as a dangerous and difficult process. If you are going to be working in demolition with a professional demolition company you’re going to need to find a Demolition company in Madras Oregon that is ready to work on your jobsite safely and effectively.

Greenbar Excavation is a demolition company in Madras Oregon that can assist with a wide range of safe and effective demolition services!

By offering safe and effective demolition support through our many years of experience, we can assist you with a wide range of interior and exterior demolition support. Our team are the most experienced demolition contractors in Madras Oregon and we are on the job with full insurance and licensing. We require full permits for the area and make sure that we create a quality demolition plan to preserve your property. 

Demolition Types

Demolition Services

We offer the following styles of demolition!

Controlled Demolition

We can handle full demolition services for larger building sites using wrecking balls, excavators and low-grade explosives. We can remove large-scale items like concrete barriers, foundations and full building structures. Our team also handles the complete cleanup process using our heavy equipment. 

Selective Demolition

We can offer selective demolition services where a site does not need to be completely demolished. We can sort through the items on your property as well as remove any of the harmful items that could cause a chain reaction throughout the demolition process. Our selective demolition process can preserve the parts of your property that you would like to keep in good condition while removing items that need to be taken out for structural integrity. 

Hazardous Material Demolition

We can help you to remove hazardous materials from your property including items like asbestos, fluorescent tubes and more. We can make sure that before we take on any type of demolition that your property and safe and ready to be worked on.

We handle both residential and commercial demolition solutions and we handle all of our jobs promptly and on time. Our team does not shy away from a challenge and with our experience in the demolition industry we can make sure that we adhere to all of the bylaws for demolition in Madras. 

What Is Our Process Of Demolition In Madras OR

Demolition involves the systematic and controlled dismantling or destruction of buildings or structures, typically following several steps in a sequence:

Planning and Evaluation: Before any demolition work commences, an in-depth evaluation is undertaken of both the structure and its surroundings. This analysis may include examining its construction materials used and any potential hazards (like asbestos or lead) present within it as well as impactful on nearby structures or utilities. A plan will then be devised that incorporates safety considerations as well as environmental concerns or permits or approvals needed.

Asbestos and hazardous material removal: Before demolition can proceed, any structure containing asbestos, lead-based paint or any other toxic materials must be safely removed and disposed of according to local regulations. Specialized contractors may be hired for this task.

Utilities disconnection: Before commencing demolition work, all utilities such as electricity, gas, water and sewer must be safely disconnected to prevent accidents during the process and protect workers and nearby infrastructure from accidents or damages during dismantling. This step ensures safety both for workers and any nearby infrastructure that might be present.

Structural Weakening: Demolition often begins by weakening the structure. This may require removing non-load bearing walls, windows, doors and fixtures to make demolition more accessible and simpler; occasionally beams or columns may be cut or cut down using appropriate tools and techniques.

Demolition Methods: Differing approaches may be employed when demolishing structures, depending on factors like their size, location and surrounding structures as well as environmental considerations.

Common techniques used include:

Manual demolition: Manual demolition involves using handheld tools, such as sledgehammers, jackhammers and cutting equipment, to dismantle structures piecemeal. This method requires skilled workers and is best used when disassembling smaller structures or in environments where noise, dust or vibration needs to be minimized.

Mechanical demolition: Heavy machinery such as excavators or bulldozers are used for mechanically demolishing structures using attachments such as hydraulic breakers, shears or grappling claws to break apart building components more quickly and efficiently for larger structures. This method provides faster demolition times overall.

Controlled implosion: Under certain circumstances and given enough space and structural conditions, controlled implosion may be used as an effective strategy for building collapse in urban environments. This technique uses explosives strategically placed around a building to cause it to implode inward, thus minimizing risk to nearby structures. Careful planning and expertise must be employed, and typically this strategy is reserved for tall structures located far from other buildings or urban settings.

Waste Management and Recycling: As demolition proceeds, its waste materials must be collected, sorted, and either recycled or disposed of properly to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. Salvageable materials like metal, wood or concrete may even be separated for recycling or reuse to further minimize environmental impact while increasing sustainability.

Site Clearance and Restoration: Once the structure has been demolished, any debris left on site must be cleared away by clearing away grading land, backfilling any excavations, and making sure the area is safe and clean. In some instances, post-demolition site restoration activities might include landscaping, erosion control or even prepping the area for new construction.

Notably, the process for demolition can differ depending on factors like location, structure type, regulatory requirements and expertise of the demolition contractor overseeing a particular project.

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We had some settling after initial installation. Tanner and Sean came out and inspected. A few days later Ty came out and made repairs quickly. All very professional interactions, fast response, good quality. I recommend this company and their service with high regard. Thanks Tanner!

Rob Stephens

Excellent Work! Efficient, hard working employees! Very affordable and respectable company! Recommend to anyone! Exceeded all of our expectations!

Brad Kudlac

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Tanner and crew did an outstanding job for us and I would give them the highest recommendation possible.
We asked for a bid to provide a building pad for a large pole barn and driveway on a pretty steep sloped lot.
They responded quickly with a competitive bid, waited patiently for us to get our permits online, kept ongoing communication with us so they could schedule us in effectively, and then completed the project in a timely manner.
We couldn’t be happier with the final results.

John Yeager

Just had a large septic and drain field job done on our older home in Bend by Greenbar Excavation. Great job done by a great crew of knowledgeable, professional, friendly and hardworking guys. They were very patient with my endless questions and explaining the process to me. Amazing work at great prices-would highly recommend.

Robin Ingram

Demolition Company Madras Oregon

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Greenbar Excavation is a family-owned business located in Prineville, Oregon that specializes in excavation, grading, and site preparation services. We have been providing these services to customers for over 20 years and are proud of our reputation as one of the best excavation companies in the area. Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand how important it is to provide quality workmanship on every job we take on. 

Our excavation services help with everything from securing a foundation to removing environmental hazards across your property. Whether you experience problems with environmental hazards or waste that needs to be removed from your property or you could use assistance with improving drainage throughout your property, we can create a plan for you. We are experts in clearing out land, helping to remove excess water from your property and securing a proper stage for your foundation. 

Our staff can assist with the process of demolition in Madras Oregon, trench shoring, helping you bury hydro lines and more. We want to handle everything in excavation for your business that is required to help your site get ready for your business expansion or a brand-new business construction to take place.

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At Greenbar Excavation we strive for excellence when working with clients whether they need residential or commercial grade excavations. Our goal is always customer satisfaction no matter what type of job we do; from single home improvements all the way up to major industrial sites requiring extensive earthworks -we guarantee high quality results at competitive prices! With decades worth of combined industry knowledge under belt there’s nothing Greenbar Excavation can’t handle when it comes down getting ground ready for whatever purpose may require!

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Contact our team today and we can handle your demolition projects Oregon. We want to help you get the best type of improvements for your property to get it back into its ideal condition. Whether you’ve had an excavation task that’s been holding you back from new construction, or you could use support for a new construction project, contact us today and we can use our experience and equipment to perform quality concrete excavations for your needs. And be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!