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Demolition Company Redmond Oregon

Demolition Company Redmond Oregon

Demolition Company Redmond OregonIf you are in need of demolition across your property and you need to access the best demolition company in Redmond Oregon, our team is ready to take on any challenge in demolition that you may have. Demolition projects can often be difficult and dangerous and you need to access a company that’s going to provide you with the best support on the job site, you will need to find someone that can work with interior and exterior demolition support. 

Greenbar Excavation is the premier excavation company servicing central Oregon, we tackle projects of all sizes; commercial or residential, big or small, there is no roadblock large enough to stop us!

Our Demolition Support

We can assist with hazardous material demolition solutions. We can remove items like hazardous asbestos or fluorescent tubes. We ensure that these systems can be removed from your location safely so you can enjoy your property or proceed with a planned construction project. 

Controlled Demolition

We can handle large controlled demolitions on building sites using low-grade explosives and wrecking balls or completely remove large structures like concrete barriers, buildings and more. We handle full cleanup services using our heavy equipment and make sure that you can get back your land for your next construction project. 

Selective Demolition

Our team also provides selective demolition support if your structure does not need to be completely demolished. We can remove sections of the property that could potentially cause a chain reaction and make sure that we can preserve the parts of your property that need to stay in place. We ensure that throughout a selective demolition your property will be kept intact and no damage will take place! We have a wide range of quality equipment that can speed up the process of demolition and increase safety on the job site. We want to ensure that we can offer the best support to our clients with continuous updates as well. 

We are experienced excavation professionals and we aren’t afraid of taking on a challenge. We ensure that we have the quality equipment and the knowledge to get through any type of demolition task. We have highly dedicated workers and we are fully insured to take on tasks in demolition throughout Oregon. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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