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Drainage Services

We’ve all had experiences with flooding and water damage on our properties. Some landowners are one heavy storm away from dealing with encroaching water. What most property owners don’t know is that the actual site and group itself has so much to do with the flow of water. Our property ground is inherently sloped, if the land around your structure is sloped towards the structure water will naturally run in that direction. This is a hazard to the health of your family, as standing and pooling water is a breeding ground for pests and bacteria, and also a hazard for the integrity of your structure. There are multiple tools available to help correct this problem and adjust the slope so that water runs away from your home instead! Site grading techniques are frequently used by excavation professionals to help tidy up a lot and help remove excess moisture and water from the property. There are also installations, such as french drains, that are available to help reroute water from your property. These drainage services are best left to excavation professionals; at Greenbar Excavation we utilize techniques like site grading daily to help prepare and optimize building sites, we can do the same to help your drainage issues! Improper drainage can wreak havoc on your home and cause a multitude of problems.

Crumbling Foundation

When the land around your foundation slopes towards it, water will naturally flow and collect near the foundation. Pooling water is bad news for the integrity of your foundation, over time the water will work to erode and weaken the foundation causing it to break, crumble, and crack in areas. As the foundation is the core of your structure, any damage here is likely to reciprocate and show on other parts of the home as well. Floors shifting, walls cracking, a damaged foundation can cause these serious issues and more! 

Site Grading

For light to moderate drainage issues, a through site grading of your lot may be enough to direct the water away from your home. Site grading is the process of leveling and ensuring a flat area for construction, but grading can also be done on completed properties to help the flow of water away from the foundation. Simply reslopping the land may be enough to lower moisture levels across the property and put a stop to pooling water.

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