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Surface drainage is the process of removing water from the surface of the earth. A surface drainage system is composed of shallow ditches. It should also include land smoothing and land grading. This system works well for soils that are slow-permeable and soils with Fragipans or clay subsoils. Read on to learn more about the drainage solutions that are available to you, with Greenbar Excavation.

Different Drainage Solutions

Stormwater pits are a stormwater storage or water collection pit. Although it is not intended to store all runoff, it must be large enough to keep the water from rushing into it for long enough for it to drain through drainage pipes at a speed that allows it to drain.

Drainage Pit refers to an underground structure that drains unwanted water, most often stormwater and surface runoff. Gray water can be a large open pit or artificial swale which receives stormwater and dissipates it into ground. This is known as an infiltration basin, recharge basin.

Rubble Pit is a trench that has blue metal gravel in it and is covered with sand to disperse stormwater. The pipes connecting to the pit are made from the new addition. They connect with a section slotted pipe (in pit) and a section slotted pipe(in pit). This disperses water through the gravel.

Headwalls or Wing walls increase the flow of water through conduits. They provide an anchoring support for the pipe, prevent dislodging when pressures are too high and control erosion and scour caused by high velocities.

Sidewall. A brick, concrete, or stonework wall that is built at the sides or ends of an excavation to support a flat roof or arched roof.

A Culvert allows water to flow from one side of a structure to the other. A culvert is typically embedded so that it is surrounded by soil. It may be made of a pipe, reinforced concrete, or other materials.

Types Of Culverts Drainage Solutions

  • Pipe culvert (Single Multiple), 
  • Pipe Arch Culvert (Single–Multiple), 
  • Box Culvert(Single–Multiple), 
  • Arch Culvert (“Single–Multiple”), 
  • Box Culvert (“Single–Multiple”), 
  • Box Culvert (“Single–Multiple”), 
  • Arch (Single–Multiple), 
  • Bridge (Single–Multiple), 
  • Metal Box Culvert.

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