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Driveway Excavation Near Me: Comprehensive Guide

Driveway Excavation Near Me

Your driveway is your gateway to your home. It is what you and others see every day. It is the first impression you get of your property. This article will discuss some key points you should remember when getting a “driveway excavation near me”. Continue reading!

What Is Driveway Excavation Near Me?

Excavation refers to the removal and movement of earth, soil, or other materials with the use of necessary tools and equipment. Excavation is used most commonly in construction to level ground and create solid foundations.

The excavation is the first stage in building a high-quality, new driveway.

Drainage of driveways

To make your driveway last longer, good drainage will be essential. It is possible for water to pool on driveways and other areas, causing soil erosion.

It is essential to create a slope that allows water to flow freely from your driveway. To prevent future drainage problems, there should be no water runbacks.

The right base

It is recommended that a base of 4-8 inches be used to excavate driveways with high quality. This will depend on whether the material is concrete, gravel, or asphalt. This will replace any material removed and prevent any deterioration.

Clay soils can be difficult to drain, so it is recommended to have a thickness of 8 inches. Sandy soils are more able to drain so 4 inches is acceptable. Your general contractor or an excavation specialist should be familiar with your soil type so that they can install a solid foundation for your driveway construction.

Driveway Excavation Near Me

First, remove the old driveway. The driveway’s base will be inspected by your contractor to determine if there is any damage or materials that require replacement.

We will remove any large rocks or other materials that could damage your driveway as quickly as possible. This will enable you to create a stronger foundation layer, increase its lifespan, and reduce bumpiness.

Next, you need to lay the foundation. It involves using solid material to protect it from water and prevent it from deteriorating.

For a strong foundation, concrete or asphalt is a good choice. It is important to evenly distribute the base and compress it, depending on the material.

Cost per Square Foot to Excavate a Driveway

The average cost of excavating a driveway is $1 to $5 per Square Foot to remove small trees and soils.

The average price of materials for excavating driveways in the United States is $0.80 to $0.91 per sq. foot.

The location, driveway size, and land conditions will all affect the project’s cost.

  • An asphalt driveway costs anywhere from $1800 to $4,000 including labor costs.
  • A concrete driveway will cost you between $2,400 and $4,800. This is approximately $4 to $8 per square foot. You can customize and upgrade the concrete’s texture, color and pattern for as little as $8 per square foot.
  • A gravel driveway is the most affordable of all materials. The average gravel cost for a 2-car driveway is between $600 and $1800 per square foot. A gravel driveway can last for up to 100 years if it is maintained properly and has a solid foundation.

Can I Excavate A Driveway By Myself?

If you’re not a licensed contractor with the proper tools and equipment to do driveway excavation, then you cannot.

If this is the case, you should hire a professional driveway excavator to do the job. The contractor can complete the driveway excavating quickly and provide quality construction. You can get the required permits to excavate land in Oregon.

A Greenbar Excavation contractor will assess the excavation, clearing, and construction necessary to create your dream driveway.

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