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Driveways are a multiple purpose tool for your home; well kept, good looking modern driveways add to curb appeal and home value while also providing the room you need to park your cars and those of your guests when you host gatherings. Many homeowners do not take driveway size into consideration when looking for their first home. While the smaller, cracked driveway the home came with may be enough for you now, how will you handle it when the kids start driving and you need extra room for cars? Throw family gatherings, parties, and get togethers into the mix and suddenly the need for extra driveway space becomes that more apparent. When the need for a new driveway arises the hardest part of replacing it is cutting the concrete driveway out to make way for a fresh new product. The old driveway must be removed, or if you have no driveway to begin with you’ll need an excavation company to break the ground and create the perfect base for your home’s driveway. Greenbar Excavation has years of experience breaking ground for residential and commercial driveways; the quality of your project directly correlates with the skill of the contractors!

Breaking Ground

There are numerous factors that must be considered before breaking ground on any driveway project. One factor that many homeowners haven’t considered is that excavation must be done with drainage in mind. Our contractors work hard to grade our excavations for optimal drainage to ensure that no water pools or sits anywhere near the driveway. This can lead to a weakening of the foundation and base, causing damage and problems with your driveway down the line.

Inexperienced contractors do not grade as rigorously as we do during this process, causing the end product to be worse quality!

Any Excavation You Need!

Dozens of commercial and residential projects need excavation before they get the go ahead for construction, everything from utility trenching, septic installation to driveways require the help of experienced excavation professionals to make sure you have a good foundation to work off! Greenbar Excavation is central Oregon’s premier excavation provider with years of experience providing quality service throughout the region! The professionals at Greenbar at experts of their craft, they’ve seen almost everything the excavation industry has to offer! Family owned and operated, Greenbar puts in the same, unrelenting effort into every job we approach; let us do the same for you today! Contact us for more information.