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Excavating Foundations

Excavating Foundations

The very first step in building a structure is digging the foundations and finding the proper footing for the rest of the construction. Without having a quality foundation, your new commercial building or home could have ongoing damage, cracks, water leaks and more. Digging up foundation is something that should always be handled by a professional and the same can be said about the process of pouring concrete for a foundation. Different types of basements, buildings, additions and crawl spaces will require specific components for a foundation and some foundations may also need to be produced in a thicker format in order to resist moisture buildup and to maintain the weight of heavy structures.  Working with an excavator that knows the specifications on professional foundation formation is important. Excavating foundations needs to be done with precise controls and with an experienced operator as the process can be dangerous. Before you break ground it’s important to consider surveying the land and having an excavation professional make recommendations on how to proceed forward. 

Why a Foundation is So Important

Most people consider the average foundation to simply be a structure that maintains the weight of the whole building or home. A quality foundation can continue to sink into the ground or crumble if it is produced improperly. Foundations go far beyond producing a solid base for a structure as well. 

A foundation is also possible for keeping moisture out of the structure. As soon as mold and mildew can begin growing across the structure this can lead to cracks and splitting as water penetrates the foundation. Good quality foundations can also insulate a structure which can be particularly important in reducing temperatures in the cold. The foundation will serve as a layer of protection between the ground and the structure of the building. 

Solid foundations will also work to protect the structure as the earth continues to shift. The ground under the building does not move throughout an earthquake but other disturbances can continue to lead to structure shifts. An expert in excavation can take a look at the ground drainage, the land and the other hazards nearby that could shift the foundation and then reassess the structure as well as the depth of the foundation. 

What the Experts Can Do For You

The foundation needs to be able to fit the structure of any construction project and a foundation expert will be able to make sure that the structure’s measurements will be accurate. Depending on the features of the commercial building or home, there can also be other considerations made for the depth and nature of the foundation to equate for heavy structures like stone flooring. 

Excavators will also work at properly compacting the base of the foundation. Crushed stone is often poured into the area below a foundation and properly compacted to make sure that it will not seep into the ground. This can prevent the chance that a foundation will continue to shift and offer the best level of strength for the whole system. 

A professional excavator will also consider drainage as backfill surrounding a foundation can continue to hold too much water which will then put excessive amounts of pressure on the foundation causing it to crack. Installing drainage trenches and other ways to move water away from the foundation site can make sure it will not be compromised in the future. 

The crew at Greenbar are experts at excavating foundations, we’ve handled projects of all shapes and sizes! Contact us today for more information!

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