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Excavating: What Should I Know?


Before a construction company can get underway, there is a step that needs to be implemented first. Excavating is one of the most important aspects of construction, and before you build the pool or start a new property construction, you will need to require the services of an engineer and an excavation team. To gain a more clear understanding of why the service is required, we can provide you with some top info on the process. Here we talk about everything you need to know about excavating.

The Basics of Excavation

Excavation includes the process of site preparation, grading, trench digging, and more. The soil and debris are removed from the construction and demolition site, and the team is also responsible for managing the soil on the site. Heavy equipment is often used as the main tool for these tasks. 

The Process of Excavation in Stages

The first phase of excavation often involves inspecting and preparing the site for the process. A supervisor and engineer will look at the site and determine where the boundaries are, the ideal plan of action, the area that should be excavated and more.  If obstacles need to be removed, rough staking will showcase the designated areas where a structure will be built and mark areas that need to be removed in order to continue with the process. 

Clearing will take place next where the excavation site will have its vegetation, trees and roots removed. Any items that need to be removed from the site will be taken out at this point. It’s also possible to create a plan for debris and make decisions on the ideal place for bulldozers and more. 

The excavation process will be next, and any building that requires a basement excavation process will mean that the dirt needs to be removed and placed somewhere else. You can rely on heavy equipment like a backhoe or bulldozer, and dump trucks will also be required to haul away the extra fill from the site. 

Rough grading will take place next where the dirt that’s removed from the excavation process will be filled in around the home to establish the right pitch across the home grading surface. You have overlays and dirt filling with richer topsoil to ensure that landscaping features can return along the home area as well. Erosion control measures will be added in after the excavation process to make sure the topsoil and the additions will not be eroded away after a heavy rainfall. If you’re cleared plot of land has soil that could wash away into the adjacent properties, you can make sure that the effects of erosion are accounted for and planned for in the future. 

The Types of Excavation

Excavation can be carried out in a number of ways, the kind of excavating that you do for your project often depends on what you’re trying to pull off. Some excavation projects will require. Trenches, suction tubes, vacuum excavation and more. Working with the right team will make sure that the right type of excavation methods will be used on your site. 

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