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Excavation Company Bend OregonExcavation services are criminally underrated and under appreciated, multiple construction projects that take place on commercial or residential property require proper excavation services before they can be undertaken. Clearing land for landscape prepping, breaking ground for a new driveway, or digging the perfect utility trench to connect your septic system to your home all require expert excavation services to even begin the job. Our company specializes in all excavation services, our contractors are licensed, insured, and properly trained to handle our heavy excavation equipment. Through experience, we’ve learned to optimize and go through our excavation services as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving you money in the process! Some contractors don’t take their time with the excavation process, and it ends up showing down the line. Improper excavation can lead to foundation problems, broken utility lines, or flooded areas on your property! Greenbar Excavation is the premier excavation company in Bend Oregon, serving the people of the area faithfully for over a decade now. There are many projects that require excavation, the professionals at Greenbar have decided to organize a little list of the excavation projects that we specialize in!

Site Grading

Even before breaking ground on a buildings foundation, extensive excavation must take place! Site grading is the process of ensuring a level ground for the building and the foundation. Oftentimes the land on a property is sloped in a certain direction, this can create havoc when water is thrown into the equation. A property that is sloped in the direction of your home will run water in that direction, leading to possible erosion in your foundation and pooling water around your home. Inversely, this slope can be in the direction of your neighbors instead, causing them a huge headache coming from the direction of your home whenever it pours. Proper site grading before breaking ground on the foundation helps to avoid these issues; we prepare a level ground that is perfect for your property.

Utility Trenching

Every commercial and residential property has the need for multiple utilities. Water, sewage, electricity, the list is practically endless. In order to ensure the longevity of these utilities, trenches are dug underground to wire the pipes and cables and keep them safe from the environment. You’ll want to work with an experienced excavation company who has handled hundreds of these installations.

Still looking for an excavation company in Bend Oregon? Let Greenbar finish the job for you! With over a decade of experience handling excavation jobs in central Oregon, we are confident we can provide you with a quality job. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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