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Excavation Company Prineville OregonThere is so much that goes into maintaining, creating, or adding on to a property. Adding or expanding utilities on your property to connect working areas, replacing a small driveway with a larger one for more parking room, breaking ground for a new building foundation, or adding a new room onto a home. All these tasks require one thing before they can actually get going, extensive excavation services to break ground and get the task going! Excavation services aren’t too complicated, our company specializes in working with heavy duty machinery to efficiently level and break ground for any residential or commercial project that requires it. Even though it is simple, excavation is necessary to ensure that the project is up to standard, code, and is safe. Inexperienced excavation contractors are more liable to make punishing mistakes that those that have spent years in the industry, do not fall into that trap! Looking for the best excavation company in Prineville Oregon? Let Greenbar Excavation complete your project correctly and safely the first time! We’ve decided to compile a little list of the excavation services we have to offer at Greenbar!

Septic Tank Installation / Replacement

For homes in rural areas out in the country, or those in cities that are not attached to sewer lines, septic tanks are a necessity. The whole point of the sewer system is to take your property’s wastewater to a centralized water treatment facility to be recycled and put back into the groundwater supply. A septic tank aims to accomplish this, but on a localized level with only your residential wastewater. Our company has extensive experience breaking ground for septic tanks, we also handle replacement and installations as well! Allow us to figure out the perfect spot on your property to install a quality septic system!


People outgrow their driveways, it is just a fact of life. Either the driveway becomes cracked and disorderly or the need for parking increases and a larger driveway is in order. Greenbar Excavation has worked to remove all types of driveways, from concrete to asphalt! We also have experience pouring concrete for new driveways as well! Allow Greenbar to handle your entire driveway replacement for you!

Greenbar Excavation is central Oregon’s premier excavation company, with a decade of experience providing high quality excavation services to home and business owners across the area, we have the needed expertise to get your excavation project done correctly the first time! Contact us today for more information!

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