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Breaking ground on a new property is backbreaking work, but it is also extremely important and technical, not just any crew can come clear land for a foundation and have the project come out as a success. So much goes on behind the scenes of excavation work like this, things like site-grading, managing land slopes, and clearing ground can have a huge impact on the quality of the finished product.

On top of that, excavation comes into play with almost any landscaping project or utility enhancement, pretty much any project that requires digging whatsoever calls for help from an experienced excavation professional. Looking for an excavation company in Redmond, Oregon? Look no further than central Oregon’s premier excavation service, Greenbar Excavation! With over ten years of experience serving home and business owners in Oregon, we have the required knowledge to successfully complete your job! We offer a variety of excavation services, we’ve decided to compile a little list below!

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Greenbar Excavation is the premier excavation company in Redmond Oregon, serving the people of the area faithfully for over a decade now. There are many projects that require excavation, the professionals at Greenbar have decided to organize a little list of the excavation projects that we specialize in!

Landscape Preparation

There are so many beautiful backyard installations craved by homeowners country-wide. Here in Oregon we have the beautiful Pacific Northwest environment to take advantage of, so many homeowners expand their homes to include beautiful wooden patios to have a spot to appreciate the outdoors. Whether you are looking at an expansive patio, a pool, or any other backyard improvement, you’re probably looking at excavation as well. Our team has extensive experience providing landscape preparation services to ensure your new project comes out perfect. We work to grade the landscape around your project, the last thing you want is pooling water collecting near your new patio!

Utility Installation

Utilities come in all shapes and sizes but they are usually organized into wet and dry utilities. Wet utilities include water, they can include your main water line, connections to the sewer, or connections to your septic. Dry utilities revolve more around power, these are your electrical utilities. No matter the utility, it will have to be protected as it is connected to your home or business. We have experience installing both wet and dry utilities and have helped connect thousands of homes and businesses to their utility lines. We also work extensively with septic tank installations and replacements. You need an experienced excavation professional to break ground and find the perfect spot for your septic installation, we handle the entire process for you!

Foundation Excavation

A new home is only as good as its foundation. Before a foundation is even poured, extensive excavation work must be done to ensure that the foundation has the best possible ground to be laid on. Digging out the needed space, reinforcing it, and analyzing the soil in the area are all steps an excavation service will take to prepare a foundation. Different soil compositions can handle different weights, it is crucial that this research be done before the foundation is laid.

Site Grading

Even before breaking ground on a buildings foundation, extensive excavation must take place! Site grading is the process of ensuring a level ground for the building and the foundation. Oftentimes the land on a property is sloped in a certain direction, this can create havoc when water is thrown into the equation. A property that is sloped in the direction of your home will run water in that direction, leading to possible erosion in your foundation and pooling water around your home. Inversely, this slope can be in the direction of your neighbors instead, causing them a huge headache coming from the direction of your home whenever it pours. Proper site grading before breaking ground on the foundation helps to avoid these issues; we prepare a level ground that is perfect for your property.

The Process Of The Best Excavation Company In Redmond Oregon

Digging with Greenbar Excavation Company in Redmond Oregon involves is a process that involves removing soil, rock or other materials to create a stable and level foundation for a project such as a building. The general steps of the construction excavation process are as follows:

  1. Site Assessment: A thorough site assessment is performed before excavation can begin. This involves evaluating soil conditions, identifying potential hazards and underground utilities, as well as determining the depth and dimensions required of the excavation.

  2. Clearing and marking: The construction site must be cleared of all vegetation, debris or structures which could interfere with the excavation. Marking the boundaries of the excavation zone is necessary to determine the area that will be excavated.

  3. Establishing Benchmarks: Benchmarks refer to the elevations or reference points that are established around an excavation site. These benchmarks ensure that excavations are carried out at the correct depth and level.

  4. Excavation Equipment Installation: The equipment, such as bulldozers or backhoes for excavators and other machines, is brought on site to be positioned efficiently. Safety measures include the installation of barriers, signs, and safety protocol.

  5. Excavation begins with the removal of soil or rocks from the site. Depending on the type of project and the soil conditions, the excavation can be carried out in layers or continuously. Excavated material can be stored for future use, or it can be transported away if deemed unsuitable.

  6. Sloping and Shoring Techniques: In order to ensure stability and avoid collapse, sloping and shoring are used. Sloping is the process of cutting the sides at an angle. Shoring, on the other hand, involves the installation of temporary support systems like sheet piles or retaining walls to prevent collapses.

  7. Trenching: If necessary, trenches can be dug within the main excavation zone for utilities like pipelines or cables. Trenches must be dug at the correct depth and width, while taking into account safety measures.

  8. Soil testing: As part of the excavation process, samples of soil can be collected and tested in order to determine if it is suitable for use as a backfill material or other purposes. It is important to ensure that soils meet the engineering specifications.

  9. Backfilling may be required once the desired depth and shape are achieved. Backfilling is the process of placing excavated materials or other suitable material back into the trench to restore the ground level to the desired level.

  10. Compaction: To ensure stability and to prevent settlement, the backfilled material must be compacted with compactors or similar machinery. Compaction is necessary to increase the density and strength of soil.

  11. Site Cleaning: Once the excavation and backfilling is complete, the construction site will be cleaned and all excess materials and debris removed.

The specific process for excavation in construction can vary depending on project size, local regulations and the site conditions. Contact Greenbar Excavation today, best excavation company in Prineville Oregon!

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We had some settling after initial installation. Tanner and Sean came out and inspected. A few days later Ty came out and made repairs quickly. All very professional interactions, fast response, good quality. I recommend this company and their service with high regard. Thanks Tanner!

Rob Stephens

Excellent Work! Efficient, hard working employees! Very affordable and respectable company! Recommend to anyone! Exceeded all of our expectations!

Brad Kudlac

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Tanner and crew did an outstanding job for us and I would give them the highest recommendation possible.
We asked for a bid to provide a building pad for a large pole barn and driveway on a pretty steep sloped lot.
They responded quickly with a competitive bid, waited patiently for us to get our permits online, kept ongoing communication with us so they could schedule us in effectively, and then completed the project in a timely manner.
We couldn’t be happier with the final results.

John Yeager

Just had a large septic and drain field job done on our older home in Bend by Greenbar Excavation. Great job done by a great crew of knowledgeable, professional, friendly and hardworking guys. They were very patient with my endless questions and explaining the process to me. Amazing work at great prices-would highly recommend.

Robin Ingram

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Greenbar Excavation is a family-owned business located in Prineville, Oregon that specializes in excavation, grading, and site preparation services. We have been providing these services to customers for over 20 years and are proud of our reputation as one of the best excavation companies in the area. Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand how important it is to provide quality workmanship on every job we take on. 

Our excavation services help with everything from securing a foundation to removing environmental hazards across your property. Whether you experience problems with environmental hazards or waste that needs to be removed from your property or you could use assistance with improving drainage throughout your property, we can create a plan for you. We are experts in clearing out land, helping to remove excess water from your property and securing a proper stage for your foundation. 

Our staff can assist with the process of excavation Oregon, trench shoring, helping you bury hydro lines and more. We want to handle everything in excavation for your business that is required to help your site get ready for your business expansion or a brand-new business construction to take place.

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At Greenbar Excavation we strive for excellence when working with clients whether they need residential or commercial grade excavations. Our goal is always customer satisfaction no matter what type of job we do; from single home improvements all the way up to major industrial sites requiring extensive earthworks -we guarantee high quality results at competitive prices! With decades worth of combined industry knowledge under belt there’s nothing Greenbar Excavation can’t handle when it comes down getting ground ready for whatever purpose may require!

Don’t look any further, go with the company with your best interest in mind! We offer a multitude of services which are:

Contact our team today and we can handle your excavation projects Oregon. We want to help you get the best type of improvements for your property to get it back into its ideal condition. Whether you’ve had an excavation task that’s been holding you back from new construction, or you could use support for a new construction project, contact us today and we can use our experience and equipment to perform quality concrete excavations for your needs. And be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!