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Excavation Company Redmond OregonBreaking ground on a new property is backbreaking work, but it is also extremely important and technical, not just any crew can come clear land for a foundation and have the project come out as a success. So much goes on behind the scenes of excavation work like this, things like site-grading, managing land slopes, and clearing ground can have a huge impact on the quality of the finished product. On top of that, excavation comes into play with almost any landscaping project or utility enhancement, pretty much any project that requires digging whatsoever calls for help from an experienced excavation professional. Looking for an excavation company in Redmond, Oregon? Look no further than central Oregon’s premier excavation service, Greenbar Excavation! With over ten years of experience serving home and business owners in Oregon, we have the required knowledge to successfully complete your job! We offer a variety of excavation services, we’ve decided to compile a little list below!

Landscape Preparation

There are so many beautiful backyard installations craved by homeowners country-wide. Here in Oregon we have the beautiful Pacific Northwest environment to take advantage of, so many homeowners expand their homes to include beautiful wooden patios to have a spot to appreciate the outdoors. Whether you are looking at an expansive patio, a pool, or any other backyard improvement, you’re probably looking at excavation as well. Our team has extensive experience providing landscape preparation services to ensure your new project comes out perfect. We work to grade the landscape around your project, the last thing you want is pooling water collecting near your new patio!

Foundation Excavation

A new home is only as good as its foundation. Before a foundation is even poured, extensive excavation work must be done to ensure that the foundation has the best possible ground to be laid on. Digging out the needed space, reinforcing it, and analyzing the soil in the area are all steps an excavation service will take to prepare a foundation. Different soil compositions can handle different weights, it is crucial that this research be done before the foundation is laid.

As the best excavation company in Redmond Oregon, Greenbar Excavation has extensive experience handling these services and more! From septic installations to digging new and improved utility trenches, our team has worked on it all! Contact us today for more information on what our excavation service can do for your new home project!

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