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Excavation Service Is More Than You Think

Excavation Service

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to excavation service is that these companies will only ever do digging. The truth of the matter is that excavation service offers a whole lot more than just digging. 

Other Needs From An Excavation Service

While a lot of people may only think of hiring an excavation service when it comes time to dig, there are a lot of other services in which the professional capabilities and know-how of an excavation team could be beneficial. Here are just a few of the occasions where you may want to look into an excavation team that are not simply digging jobs:

Fortifying a foundation: One of the most common jobs an excavation team would be used for is digging, but it’s also more than that: the precision needed when digging a hole for a new foundation is the perfect baseline for hiring an excavation team.

Flooding and natural disaster clean up: The amount of damage that major storms can cause is enormous. With everything from downed wires to upturned trees and structures, your property can be rendered uninhabitable when all is said and done. These storms and the damage they can bring may also cause flooding and drainage issues. Excavation service can be used for dealing with the removal of the debris, as well as fixing any drainage issues that could result in standing water all over your property. 

Cleaning environmental contaminants: Whether it is a faulty septic system or an underground storage tank that is leaking, pollutants, and contaminants in the soil can find their way into the groundwater that services your home. This type of issue needs to be fixed right away, and an excavation team is perfect to handle the task. 

Installing and repairing underground piping systems: All pipes leak, eventually. So, when those pipes are located far underground, you will need the services of an excavation team to help repair or replace them.

Removal of trees: If you have trees that are a threat to structures on your property, or are in the way of a planned new build, you can use an excavation service to get the job done.

Flatten uneven land: Whether you are looking to flatten uneven land on your property or even looking to add a slope to improve drainage, etc. a team of excavation professionals can help make the process quick and painless. 

Adding a basement to a preexisting structure: Building down is one of the most complex jobs in all of construction. Because there are a lot of issues that can arise from a job not done perfectly, it is important that you leave adding a basement to a preexisting structure to a team of qualified professionals. 

Removing a swimming pool: While a lot of people may assume that once the pool structure is removed, the task is as simple as just filling in the hole the in-ground left behind. However, there are a lot of drainages and sunken land issues that need to be addressed in order to make sure that you do not face a lot more issues down the road. These tasks are perfect for an excavation service team.

Using a Professional Excavation Service

A lot of people may be lured by the idea of saving some money going with a DIY option for a lot of excavation jobs. However, excavation work can be very dangerous and there are a lot of potential hazards waiting on the other end of even the simplest jobs. It is vital that excavation work is left to professionally trained teams who have access to all of the proper tools, training, and equipment. Contact us today and check out our 5-star reviews.