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Foundation Backfill For Your New Home: 4 Things To Consider

Foundation Backfill

What to consider when laying foundation backfill for your new home

You have a lot to do now that you’ve decided to build a house in Arizona. This includes many processes, beginning with the foundation backfill.

Did you know the foundation backfilling of your new house requires precision and a great deal of care? Backfilling serves to support the foundation as well as the structure that is built on top. The backfill material distributes the weight evenly, preventing the foundation from sinking or settling.

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What is Backfilling?

Backfilling a foundation is the filling of the area surrounding and beneath the building’s foundation with soil or gravel. This is usually done after the building of the foundation to give it stability and support. Backfilling helps prevent moisture and water from building up around the foundation. This can lead to damage.

What should you consider before the Foundation backfilling your home?

When backfilling your foundation, you need to consider several factors:

1. Backfill Material

Backfill materials such as crushed stone, gravel and flowable material have different properties. They may be better suited for certain types of projects. Choose a material for backfill that will support the structure and is suitable for your needs.

2. Drainage System

It is essential to have a proper drainage system in place so that water does not accumulate around the foundation. This can cause damage. Consider the drainage requirements of the project both when choosing a backfilling material and during backfilling.

What is the importance of drainage backfill?

3. Protective Measures

Backfilling may require certain protective measures depending on the needs of your project. You may have to use a moisture-proof barrier to protect your foundation from damage from water, or to protect underground utilities.

4. Environmental Considerations

Consider the environmental impact of backfilling, especially if the material you use could be harmful for plants or wildlife.

How to Backfill the Foundation of Your New Home

Cure the Foundation Wall

If you do not wait enough time to cure the foundation wall, it can crack and sink. You must wait for at least five to seven days before adding the backfill material.

Clean the Area

For several reasons, it is essential to clean the foundation site before backfilling. To begin with, clearing the site of debris and other materials can prevent them from interfering in the backfilling procedure. It will be easier to compact and fill the area around the base evenly.

Select Your Backfill Material

You can choose from a variety of materials to use as the backfill for your foundation. You can choose from a mix of soil, rocks and stones. Use excavated soil that has a sandy texture with some gravel if you are using it.

The backfill may become damp if the soil excavated contains organic materials and clay. The clay bowl effect occurs when the backfill gets damp. Undisturbed soil can swell and exert pressure on the foundation. Consult your contractor to determine the right backfill soil.

Start the Backfilling Process!

Start filling in the excavation at the bottom, and work your way upwards. Fill the excavation up with backfill until the material is at the same level as the top of your foundation.

Use a gas-powered or hand-powered compactor for a stable and adequate compacting of the backfill. Add topsoil to the compacted material and finish the backfill.

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