Greenbar Excavation

Foundation Excavation Prineville Oregon

Need a quality foundation excavation in Prineville, Oregon? The team at GreenBar Excavation has years of experience in foundation excavation. We can handle support for residential and commercial foundation digging projects. We work directly alongside contractors and homeowners and as a result have invaluable experience working on all types of foundations. With a unique access to excavators, bulldozers or heavy equipment like a dump truck, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done right and to work efficiently on the job site. We are ready to take on challenges of all types in foundation digging. We can dig everything from large scale office spaces and building projects all the way to smaller residential extensions and homes. 

You can trust our experts to make sure that your business or home has a solid foundation. We have the equipment and the skills to make sure that we can perform a wide range of foundation excavations in Oregon. Whether you could use access to a mini excavator to fit into confined spaces or you could use a full-sized machine for your commercial build, we have the equipment and we gather all applicable permits to get the job done.

A Massive Range of Projects

We have taken on a large range of projects from 100 foot additions to homes all the way to large-scale shopping complexes. We can do everything including digging holes for foundations, providing utility trenches, and even septic tank installations! 

We are a full-service excavation and foundation digging service. Whether you need to excavate the area for a residential basement or you are digging a foundation for a full-sized commercial building, we are ready to take on the challenge and perform a foundation dig that is to code. Our team can remove any type of trees or debris, clear out topsoil, excavate and appropriately backfill until you have the perfect solution for your foundation. 

By choosing our company we can stick to your budget and construction schedule. We are foundation excavation experts and we are a fully licensed and insured business. As we have experience with contractors and homeowners we do not shy away from challenges and our team can work with you for any type of new or exciting build.

If you are interested in seeking a no-obligation quote with our company today, call us today with any questions about our deep foundation excavation services and check out what others are raving about when it comes to Greenbar!