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Foundation Excavation

Foundation ExcavationThe foundation is central to any good residential or commercial building, However, before work on pouring and creating the foundation can begin, extensive excavation must be completed to ensure that the foundation is able to properly support the building above it! Foundation excavation is a lengthy process with multiple steps involved, it is necessary to find the most experienced excavation contractor available to properly go about the foundation excavation process for you. Whether you are a family looking to break ground on the perfect new home or your a commercial business looking to create a new building or structure, Greenbar Excavation has the extensive experience required to deliver a quality project! With experience handling all different kinds of excavation projects, Greenbar can expertly organize site clearance and preparation and handle your excavation project for you! We’ve decided to do a quick overview of the key steps in the foundation excavation process!

Prep and Clearance

No two job sites are ever going to be the same; each comes with its own unique set of debris and obstacles that must be cleared before any work on your project can begin. Things like vegetation, trees, underbrush, and debris must be collected and removed before any ground can be broken. Another big thing we consider here are tree roots. Tree roots are notorious for growing underground and sprawling over large distances. Tree roots must be thoroughly removed and we ensure that there is at least a foot of space between your foundation and any roots.

The Actual Excavation

Depending on the situation and your specifications our contractors will predetermine the correct level of depth for your foundation. We also mark and set out the area so we know exactly the dimensions of the dig. Excavation is an equipment heavy task, we use heavy bulky machinery to dig out the soil and break ground for your foundation. Some soil types are more durable than others, and depending on the situation the foundation trench may require support as the digging goes on.

Breaking ground for foundations is hard, labor intensive work. As we previously mentioned, the foundation is one of the most important parts of your building structure, any problems with its construction could cause you a massive headache down the line. Avoid these issues and instead choose Greenbar Excavation, central Oregon’s premier excavation service for the job! Contact us today to learn more.

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