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Grading Landscape – A Must Before You Plant

grading landscape

Grading landscape is a gradual slope that you add to your land to improve drainage and enhance the beauty of your property’s contours. Landscape grading to ensure drainage is not the most prominent part of your garden or lawn, but it is vital for the overall health and appearance of your landscaping.

What Happens If You Don’t Grade First?

Although it might be tempting to jump in with new dirt and begin gardening, grading is a great way to ensure your garden looks great and lasts. You may find that your chosen area is not well drained, leading to excess erosion and water collection.

Badly graded landscaping can cause standing water to build up and can pose a danger to your property. The negative effects standing water has on lawns and plants is one of the most common complaints homeowners make about it. Water can cause a host of problems if it collects around your home.

  • Overwatering can cause plants to rot and eventually die
  • Lawn and yard will be damaged
  • The perfect place for insects, mosquitoes and other pests to breed is the backyard of a mob.
  • Standing water that is too close to your foundation, crawl space or other structure can cause damage that may not be immediately apparent.

Rough Grading

grading landscape

Rough grading is the simplest grading you can do for your lawn or landscaping. Rough grading is when your lawn is sculpted to achieve the desired slope and level. Your landscaper or excavation contractor will work with your existing land structure in most cases to reduce the amount of work and cost involved in the grading step.

Most cases of rough grading involve removing the thin layer on topsoil to better shape the land. This creates a property that drains as efficiently and well-sculpted. Most lawns are graded very gently to allow water to drain.


Grading landscape has the primary goal of providing the right amount of drainage. The area you are grading will determine how much drainage you want.

This usually means that your lawn will have a gentle slope to drain excess water. This may be more complicated for gardens and other complex landscapes.

You can make your landscaping more self-sufficient and easier to maintain by allowing for optimal drainage. Landscapes that are properly graded ensure plants receive the water they need without allowing water to accumulate.

Landscape Grading: Do It Right For A Lasting Effect

You may decide to do some of the grading by yourself, depending on the scope of your project. You should hire a professional if you have to work with more than a small area.

Grading landscape is not something you can do by eye alone. You will need a range of tools and experience to properly grade your landscape and make it ready for planting. A professional will ensure the best results for you when starting a new project, building a garden, or changing your landscaping. This is a simple way to avoid potential problems in the future.

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