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Here’s Why Excavating Foundations Is Crucial 

Here's Why Excavating Foundations Is Crucial 

Here’s Why Excavating Foundations Is Crucial 

Digging the foundations is the first step to building a structure. A foundation that is solid and strong can cause cracks, water damage, water leaks, and other problems to your commercial building or home. A professional should handle digging up foundations and pouring concrete to support them. There are many types of foundations. Some foundations will need specific components to support different types of buildings, basements, additions, and crawl spaces. Others may require thicker foundations to resist moisture buildup or to support heavy structures. It is essential to work with an excavator who understands the requirements for professional foundation formation. Excavating foundations can be dangerous, foundation digging should be performed with precision controls and by an experienced operator. It is important to survey the area and have an excavation professional give recommendations about excavating foundations.

Why Foundations Are So Important?

The average foundation is simply a structure that supports the entire building or home’s weight. If it is not properly constructed, a foundation of quality can sink into the ground and crumble. Foundations are more than just a foundation for a structure.

It is possible to build a foundation for moisture protection. Mold and mildew can quickly grow on the structure, leading to cracks and separation as water enters the foundation. A foundation of high quality can insulate structures, which is especially important for reducing the temperature in the cold. The foundation acts as an additional layer of protection between ground and structure.

As the earth shifts, solid foundations will help protect the structure. Although the ground beneath the building is stable during an earthquake, other disturbances could cause structural shifts. Experts in an excavation can assess the soil drainage and other hazards that could cause foundation shifts and then reassess both the structure and its depth.

What Experts Can Do for You

A foundation expert can ensure that the foundation is able to fit any structure. Based on the design of the home or commercial building, foundation depth and type may also need to be considered.

The foundation’s base will be properly compacted by excavators. A lot of crushed stone is poured below the foundation. This helps to prevent it from settling into the ground. This will prevent foundations from shifting and provide the strongest support for the entire system.

Professional excavators will also look at drainage. If the backfill around a foundation is too full, it can cause excessive pressure on the foundation and crack. It is possible to prevent foundation damage by installing drainage trenches or other methods of moving water away from the site.

Greenbar’s crew is an expert at digging foundations. We have worked on projects of all sizes and shapes. For more information about excavating foundations, commercial excavation, or septic tank installation, contact us today!