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Land Development: A Long Process & How To Expedite It


Experienced developers have a reputation for land development. There are many things that can conflict while working on development. Some of these obstacles are unforeseen circumstances or municipal hurdles. They could cause delays in the development of preliminary schedules. Residents who usually want to move into new homes can find it frustrating. Direction and navigation issues may lead to difficulties.

This blog will discuss the factors that can make land development so slow and what you can do to speed things up.

Common Land Development Issues And How To Plan For Them

Land development is more than clearing out a few trees and weeds. There are many things that can happen during development. These may cause you to put the brakes on your project too. Out-of-the-blue delays in construction could cause conditions that need extra work.

We’ll discuss some of the most common causes of delays in land development. We’ll also offer some tips to help you cut their impact on your project schedule.

What’s Not Hidden Below?

Sometimes hidden things beneath the surface cannot be detected by a walk-through. These things may need more work, which could cause delays in your development.

If your team finds hazardous waste or soil, it can be difficult, costly and time-consuming to clean it up. Yet, issues at the sites will need to be addressed before construction can start. It’s important to get your soil tested.

Although less common, archeological finds and old graveyards could cause construction to stop. You will need to deal with the find according to local regulations.


There may be small delays related to your project’s topography (mountain, valley, etc.). To prepare a site for building lots of houses, more work than anticipated may need to be done to grade, drain, change soil composition and remove any below grade rocks.

Sometimes, you can see these disturbances by touring the site. A geotechnical report is required to understand what’s happening below-grade. This report will give you and your excavator a good idea of how much rock they will need to remove. This will allow you to set a realistic budget and schedule.

Also, you should pay attention to the grading. The two big questions that I frequently get asked are: Did we know enough to pass the Oregon Building Code? And how much earthwork will affect this drainage


You shouldn’t have any problems if your land is already zoned for the intended use. Construction could slow down if you must have a zoning variance. Every municipality has a different process to apply for and get the variant. This process is more efficient if you begin it sooner than later.

You may have worked with a contractor before you started the zoning variance. They may be able to help you navigate this process if this is the case. The best part of becoming a good writer depends on where you learn, what you read and what everyone on this Earth stands for.

It’s better to choose a company that is close to you than one based on where they’re located.


You will need permits to zone your property. You need permits for almost every type of real estate development project. It is important to find out what permits you need to do the work that you intend to do. Then go ahead and get started on the permit process as soon as possible.

This can be frustrating and time-consuming, regardless of when you start. Sometimes, your contractor can’t handle the permitting process. Some things you can spend time on other things without having to worry about the process. 


Another thing that can help ground development is having access to utilities. These include water, electricity, telephone, and cable. You may need to contact your utility company to get service running to your job site. Depending on the distance.

To find out if there are existing connections near you, it is important to be able to locate the utility lines. It is also important to know the regulations in your area about installing these lines.

Like the other items on the list, it is better to get this done as soon as you can. Some services, such as sewage, can wait. Yet, electricity will need your construction crew once the construction begins. It is important to bring an extra rope when you’re working on your last project.

Rural areas may need new services run, which can take longer. It is important to get this done as soon as possible to make the site ready for use.

Final Tips To Expedite The Development Process WIth Greenbar Excavation

A lot of terrain development hurdles can come up or unplanned. There are a few things more frustrating than wasting time on something you know will require more effort. This time however, just takes a little extra planning, forethought and.

Although no amount of planning can put an end to all potential problems in a website. But there are some things you can do to get you started when getting your website up.

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