Greenbar Excavation

Landscape Prep

Landscape additions and improvements are some of the most exciting and enjoyable home improvement projects to go about. Who doesn’t have a great time selecting the perfect backyard pool for the family or designing an awesome wooden, covered patio perfect for hosting guests for the weekly Sunday football game. While everyone gets caught up on the design and details, there are certain necessary services that must be secured before the project can even go underway! Landscape preparation is a job best left to expert excavation contractors; from clearing the land, moving soil and dirt across the property to create a level surface for struction, and properly grading the ground to prevent problems with water in the future, excavation companies are the only experts for the job! Greenbar Excavation has been family owned and operated for over a decade now, we carry the level of duty and hard work to every job we take on. The excavation crew ensures that the ground for your new landscape project meets code and is ready to go once the builders arrive! Here are a couple of landscaping projects that our landscape prep service is perfect for!


Looking to add a bigger driveway or replace an old, faded one? Landscape prep is vital to ensure that your driveway replacement is sloped correctly and protected from water. A driveway with drainage issues is a service call waiting to happen. When water pools and sits near the driveway it has a higher chance of seeping into and causing damage to the foundation. We properly level and grade all driveways to protect against this danger!

Patio Additions

An outdoor patio is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful weather Oregon has to offer. However, you’ll need a quality landscape prep service to build an optimal patio. Patios run into many of the same problems that other landscape projects do, they’re vulnerable to water damage if the land is sloped towards the patio. We take every precaution to thoroughly grade the land around your patio project, the last thing you want is pooling water sitting next to your new patio!

Whatever landscape project you want to take on, Greenbar Excavation is the landscape preparation service for the job! With over a decade of experience handling excavation and land grading in central Oregon, we have the know how and experience to get the job done. Contact us with any excavation questions you may have!