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Locate Utilities Before Excavating

Locate Utilities Before Excavating

Before you begin any excavations, locate utilities before excavating and avoid injuries or damage to utilities. Here are some helpful tips from Greenbar Excavation.

How to locate and identify underground utilities

Underground piping is used by many public utilities to provide services to residents and businesses in a community. Before you begin any excavation, make sure to identify the location of these utilities to avoid injuries or damage to utilities. Individuals and companies can face heavy fines if they cause damage to utility lines.

Two working days are required to notify utility companies before any drilling or trenching begins at a job site. This number is used to notify utility companies that excavation work will be done in an area, it is important to locate utilities before excavating. 

Here are the 5 steps to safe excavation by Greenbar Excavation:

  1. Survey and MarkSurvey excavation areas and mark dig locations with white paint flags or stakes
  1. Call Before Dig – Call 811 at a minimum of two working days before you start work.
  1. Allow Utilities to Wait the Required Time – It takes two days for utilities to locate and mark the lines.
  1. Respect the Marks – When digging, respect the marks.
  1. Dig with Care – Hand excavate within 24inches of each utility.

Unmarked utilities

Utility companies only mark utilities that they own. Utility companies may not be allowed to mark any buried gas lines or electric lines that aren’t theirs.

 A separate building, such as a mother-in-law unit or workshop, may have power and gas that comes from main meters. The utility company won’t locate these lines as they are usually owned by the property owner. 

Although maps and markers may show the location of lines in some cases, they are not always accurate. A private underground locator is another way to locate utility lines. No matter what situation it may be, you should always take care to not cross any line within 24 inches. To verify depth and location, careful hand digging should be done.

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