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Looking For The Best Excavation Company In Madras Oregon?

Excavation Company Madras Oregon

You need to find a company that offers the best support and experienced operators if you want a high-quality excavation solution in Madras Oregon. Greenbar Excavation has a team that offers excavation services throughout Oregon. We have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to provide complete excavation services.

We are the best excavation company in Madras Oregon and we specialize in the following services:

Complete Septic Installations

We provide complete installations of septic systems, including excavation, installation, and hook-up. We will help you choose the right system for your property. We can also help with septic tank replacement and removal.


The driveway will become less attractive and weaker over time as the sun’s UV rays continue to fade. Our team has extensive experience digging driveways, as well as properly grading and setting them up. We will ensure that you have the right driveway for your property. Your driveway will look smoother and more attractive after installation.  It is better to replace your driveway than deal with a weak driveway from driving on it.

Utility Trenching

We can help with many different trenching projects. We provide high-quality utility trenching, whether your land needs support for drainage or before you start a construction project. One of many reasons we are the best excavation company in Madras Oregon!

Site Grading

Any job site can be prepared by us with advanced site grading and compacting. We offer safety considerations for all job sites and ensure that your site is ready for work right away. We can prepare areas for irrigation equipment, fencing, and other landscaping features. We can remove small branches, rocks, and greenery. We are also able to handle the process of grading and sloping so that there is no water damage on your new construction site. To ensure that your project doesn’t collapse, we compact the soil. We can prepare vacant land so that it is level, even, and free from debris. Before any construction can begin, we can be there first. 

Landscape Preparation

We can do it all, from digging holes for mature trees to landscaping preparation for larger items such as decking, pergolas, and new additions to your home.

Drainage Assistance

We can help you install drainage support on your property. It is easy to overlook drainage, so make sure you protect your property from water damage.

We offer a wide range of top-quality services and are always ready to tackle new challenges. Our team of qualified excavation professionals is licensed, insured, and accredited. We can assist homeowners and businesses in Madras Oregon by providing the best support for excavations.

Our company is a top-rated Better Business Bureau member and has thousands of positive reviews online. We don’t shy away from challenges and strive to offer reasonable prices for a variety of excavation services. We can help you whether you need assistance in grading your job site or equipment professionals who can dig in tight spaces. Our more than a decade of combined experience in excavation work throughout Oregon means that we can provide high-quality results for any residential or commercial client.

Are you looking for the best excavation company Madras Oregon has to offer? Greenbar Excavation can meet any challenge. Contact us today to learn more!