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Projects That Require Grading & Excavating

Grading & Excavating

Most people associate grading & excavating with home-building. Even if you are not a contractor, it is possible that you will need to hire a professional for grading or excavating. Professional excavation and grading are essential for home improvements.

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The Top 3 Reasons for Residential Grading & Excavating

It is true that building a house from scratch requires a lot more prep work than normal. However, you will need it for other projects. This is important so that you are aware of it and don’t forget about the most popular home improvements jobs like:

Landscaping –If you are just redesigning existing flower beds, this is one thing. If you are having extensive landscaping done, it is likely that some excavation will be required. This is especially important for those with sloped properties or drainage problems.

Home additions – Most home additions are considered to be a type of home remodeling. They require level ground. Even if you are adding a shed or other structure to your property, you will likely need some grading or excavating. It is important to know the scope of the job. The more complicated the job, the more likely it will be that permits are required.

Plumbing –If you are moving, installing or replacing pipes, it is likely that excavating and grade will be required. This is often necessary for older homes that require plumbing updates, or when there’s significant damage due to an issue such as tree root intrusion.

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The popularity of Greenbar Excavation as excavation specialists has been significant. However, we also do grading and demolition. We would be delighted to meet you and discuss your next project.

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