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Reason To Hire A Commercial Excavation Company

Commercial Excavation Company

Before installing an inground pool, sprinkler system or irrigation system, plumbing pipes, and other large landscaping features on your property, excavating is necessary. For planting large gardens or small farms for the first time and to replace contaminated soil with new fill dirt, Hiring a commercial excavation company might be necessary.

These are the reasons to hire a Greenbar Excavation to manage your digging or excavation, regardless of how big the pit or trenches are.

1. When Excavating, the Soil Can Surprise You

Don’t assume the soil you are walking on is the same as the soil you will be digging up. You don’t have to dig too deep in some areas before you find rocky soil, muddy ground, or even sand.

Digging through all these types of dirt can be difficult. Rocky soil can be hard to break down and heavy to lift. The bucket attached to the Greenbar Excavation may just be able to hold muddy or wet soil. Muddy or sandy pit walls may also collapse during digging, making it difficult, if not impossible, to complete the job.

A commercial excavation company will be able to analyze the soil before it is dug up and determine its composition. The professional excavator will know what equipment to bring, how the soil should be treated to make digging easier, how to brace the pit, and all other necessary information to drill through the dirt.

2. The Right Equipment for Professional Excavators

A commercial excavation company might use more equipment to dig, which makes excavation safer and faster. Excavators may use trenchers (long and narrow digging tools) to dig large trenches for the purpose of excavating large gardens or farms. These trenchers can also be used to dig long, narrow pits for irrigation pipes and plumbing. These trenches are much faster and more efficient than digging small rows with a Greenbar Excavation. You can also use special crane arms to reach around and over obstacles. These arms are much more convenient than managing a Greenbar Excavation, or any other equipment around landscaping trees, flowerbeds, or other items on your property.

Extended arms on backhoes and cranes can make it easier to dig pits in soft or moist soil. Equipment with extended arms is more likely to be able to sit farther back than the edge of a pit when digging.

Professional excavators might have access to heavy-duty equipment that is construction-grade and requires special licensing. These larger machines can be more efficient at digging any trench or pit. This means that you can get your new pool or outbuilding up and running faster if you have a professional excavator who has access to heavy-duty equipment.

3. A Commercial Excavation Company Reduces the Risk of Property Damage

Before digging on your property you might want to contact your local utilities and ask them to mark the locations of any buried pipes and lines. These buried pieces can be damaged during excavation projects. The bucket or Greenbar Excavation might be thrown into a nearby window or garage window, or you could swing it or turn it. A Greenbar Excavation, or any other type of equipment, can bump into an exterior wall of your house and chip bricks, snap decking posts or grab shutters, causing damage to the house.

Untrained Greenbar Excavation operators might cause the equipment to “jerk” when they move it. A full bucket of dirt can cause soil to fall out, causing a huge mess and threatening anything that is buried under it. An experienced excavator will be able to clear obstacles from a dig site and still be careful when turning or moving. The professional excavator will be able to use the equipment efficiently and smoothly, avoiding dirt and other hazards.

4. An Insurance Policy Will be Provided to a Professional Excavator in Case Something Happens!

Although a professional excavator can’t guarantee that your property will be safe, they may make mistakes when turning a digger or underestimate the load. If something is damaged, most homeowners have insurance that will cover the costs of repairs. You might also be responsible for paying the costs of repairing an underground utility or public sewer line.

5. Excavation Can be Dangerous, Even Deadly.

It can be deadly to dig a pit any size. You should be aware of the dangers associated with digging and excavating.

  • Digging equipment can cause the pit’s edges to collapse. Even if the equipment does not fall into the pit, even if there is a cage around the cab for the Greenbar Excavation, sudden movements can cause injury by causing you to hit the enclosure or control console. This type of jarring can cause whiplash, which can also cause neck and back injuries.
  • Hitting an overhead or underground power line could result in shocks or even electrocution.
  • A dangerous and flammable gas can leak from a gas line that is buried.

Additional Benefits of Hiring A Professional Excavator

  • Experiential excavators can tell if weather conditions will affect excavating work. For example, sudden frosts might make it difficult to dig. An experienced excavator will be able to tell you if the rain is sufficient to allow them to dig and when it is too heavy to permit excavations to continue safely.
  • The excavating company will often take the dirt! You might have to replace the soil after you plant a garden or other small landscaping element. If you are digging a pit to build a pool or foundation for an outbuilding, however, you will need something to do with the dirt. Instead of trying to get a hauling company to remove it from your property, you can hire a professional excavator to do the digging and soil removal simultaneously.
  • Many companies that excavate can dig the trenches or pits you require without disturbing the soil, tree roots, or the like. You might be able to have them help you replace any fallen vegetation to prevent soil erosion. This will ensure that your landscaping remains as healthy and beautiful as possible.
  • A professional, experienced excavator might be able to predict problems with the dig location and depth. If you are looking for an in-ground pool that is close to a shed or other structures, digging required to make that pool could cause cracks in the foundation.

Greenbar Excavation specializes in excavation may be able to help with permits, calling utility companies, or other technical details before the excavation work can begin. Contact us today for more excavation information.