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Residential Excavation

Residential Excavation

Residential excavation can be exciting for those who are not involved in the process. Although all the noises and heavy machinery seem exciting, the actual excavation process can be complex and detailed. We still love it, and Greenbar Excavation is one of the most reputable residential excavation contractors in Oregon.

Although you might think that you are capable of handling your own residential excavation project, we recommend you don’t do it due to so much that could go wrong. We strongly recommend hiring professionals, such as Greenbar Excavation who can provide quality service and professionalism as well as a reputation. Greenbar Excavation is capable of performing many types of residential excavation or even commercial excavation!

Drainage Improvements

Your property could have water seeping through it for many reasons. This problem can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and topsoil if not addressed quickly. Greenbar Excavation is proficient in the installation of drainage systems. We will help you solve the problem if your home is constantly flooded. It’s what we do!

Yard Expansion

Greenbar Excavation is happy to expand your yard. This would be ideal if you have young children who love to play outdoors, want to have that relaxing setting in your backyard, or just want to increase your space. Whatever the reason, we can excavate your property.

Installations and Repairs

Excavating services are often required to repair or add to the underground plumbing, electrical and septic systems. We have the experience and tools to help you gain access to your underground piping systems. We can provide trench shoring and underground utility installation as well as digging a sewer to your property if necessary.

New Home Development

Excavating the land in Oregon is essential if you are planning to build a new home. It is essential for the foundation of your new home. However, it is also an important step to install all underground piping.

People who skip the residential excavation phase of building a new house often end up paying the price later. This can lead to foundation sinking or shifting due to different ground conditions. These are all possible outcomes. Make sure the land is properly and professionally excavated before you begin building your new home.

Eliminating Undesirable Elements From the Land

Many residential properties require large boulders, trees, debris, or the removal of old structures. These elements can cause fire hazards and make your home less attractive. An excavation company is a great option if you want to increase the value of your property. Even if you only have a small area to clear, it can quickly become a large job. It’s best to leave it to the experts.

Swimming pools

You will need excavation services whether you are building a pool or removing an existing one. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to remove a pool without hiring a general contractor. If you want to add a pool to your property, you will need professional excavation services.

Your home is a large investment. You should take care of it. Look for highly-trained professionals and reliable equipment when choosing residential excavation. This is why Greenbar Excavation is the obvious choice!

Greenbar Excavation will handle all your excavation needs. We will also take care of permits and inspections. You can be certain that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Get a free quote from the Greenbar Excavation team by clicking here