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Septic Pumping in Central Oregon

One in four homes in the US has septic tanks installed in them rather than sewage systems connected to the city sewer lines. If you’re the owner of such a house, you probably have an idea of the problems that come with it. Because the system drains all your waste into an underground sewage tank rather than a city waste facility, several problems arise, and you have to be the one to deal with them. While the liquid waste leaves the tank through pipes attached to the tank, the sludge and solid waste settle at the bottom of your septic tank. Although this is a modern and effective system, it does need to be cleared of the solid sludge that takes over the tank if left for too long. This is where Septic Pumping in Central Oregon comes in!

Septic Pumping

Septic pumping is the process of mechanically removing the sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the tank. The tank must be regularly inspected, and the septic pumping should also be done on a timely basis, generally every three to four years.

Why do you need it?

The build-up in the tank

Waste builds up. Every day, your entire household uses the waste facilities, and all the liquid and solid waste drain into the tank. Since a tank has finite space, that means that it will eventually fill up. When that happens, you need to pump it empty, mainly since it may clog up and stop working.

To prevent back up issues

If your tank overfills and clogs up, who will be the one to suffer? Your entire house! If you don’t partake in regular septic maintenance and pumping, many issues may come to the forefront, starting from waste backing up, leading to leaky pipes, slow drainage, and terrible odors.

Improve Efficiency

Then again, even if your system works, there is no guarantee that an overfilled tank will work well. To ensure efficiency and efficacy, you must keep it clean and empty, so the system can do its best to keep your house clean.

Septic Pumping in Central Oregon with Greenbar Excavation

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