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Septic Questions From Home Buyers

Septic Questions

It is difficult to buy a home, especially in this market where buyers must move quickly when there is an opportunity. Buyers want to ensure they know everything about the potential home, including whether it has a septic system. For those who have never owned a septic system before, this leads to common septic questions from home-buyers about septic systems. Let’s take a look at the most common septic questions Greenbar Excavation gets:

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Common Questions from Home Buyers

1) How do septic systems work?

To treat waste entering your system, septic systems use gravity and naturally occurring processes.

The bacteria eats the wastewater and waste once they have been disposed of in the septic tanks. Some solids are removed by bacteria, which helps to break down waste particles. The solids then sink to form a layer at the bottom of your tank. Meanwhile, the wastewater is pushed into a drain field.

The wastewater is discharged into the soil to be treated. As they sink into the soil, any contaminants or particulates are removed.

You will eventually have to get rid of the sludge from your tank as it grows. This happens every 3-4 years.

2) What is the maintenance cost?

A well-maintained septic system is almost impossible to ignore when it comes down to it. It’s your responsibility to maintain a low cost system.

Maintenance costs can be expected for the scheduled pump-out. Prices vary according to tank size and access. Average wear-and tear replacement items, such as effluent filters, are also included.

You can reduce costs by following the “do not flush rules”, and taking care of your septic system.

3) Do I have to change any habits?

When it comes to their usage, septic systems have specific requirements.

Septic systems, while capable of handling a variety of items, are more delicate. You should not flush anything that can kill bacteria, such as chlorine bleach and Drano. Manage your water usage and not overload the system. Lawn maintenance and landscaping have their own restrictions, such as trees with strong roots or heavy lawn decorations.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your yard or home with a septic system. It just means that you need to recognize and adjust.

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Oregon Septic System Requirements

Septic Systems: Questions Home Buyers Need to Ask

A septic inspection is necessary before you purchase a home that has a septic system. This will allow you to get a close look at the system’s health, size, and layout. There are some questions that you will want to ask during this inspection.

1) How old is the system?

A septic system can last between 20-30 years depending on how well it is maintained. After purchasing a house, it can become a significant expense to replace the system.

Determine the age of the system and how long you have been using it. You could negotiate the replacement of an existing system into your home purchase.

2) Where is the septic located?

You will need to find the location of your septic system . This will reduce the time and cost of septic repairs, maintenance appointments, as well as help you plan your landscaping.

Avoid re-planting or planting near your septic tank or drain field.

3) Is your septic tank correctly sized for your household?

The size of your septic tank is determined by the size of your household. This doesn’t just apply to the size and shape of your house. How big your septic tank should be will depend on how many bathrooms you have and how many people live in it.

You should ensure that the septic tank you have is the right size for your home and the correct size for previous owners. Overworked systems can cause a decrease in the lifespan of your septic tank.

4) Is there a problem with drainage in the yard?

The soil surrounding your drain field is required to complete the final filtration process. If the soil is too saturated, the wastewater will not be properly treated.

Make sure the property has proper drainage so that rainwater runs off the septic tank.

5) What coverage does homeowners insurance offer?

Do not assume that you will know the exact cost of septic systems. Most insurance companies do not cover maintenance or common repairs, unless they are caused by an outside force.

It is not the best time to find out this information if you already have the bill in your hand.

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