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Septic Tank Replacement

When living in an area without a proper wastewater treatment facility it is necessary to have your own residential septic tank system. Cities and larger urban areas have large sewer systems that connect to each household, these connections take your household wastewater to the central processing facility for treatment. A septic tank aims to accomplish the same process of water treatment right there on your own property instead! Septic tank installations are a very easy thing to forget about, for some homeowners they are plug and play. However, septic maintenance is essential if you hope to keep your system in working order for as long as possible. Without proper maintenance, a number of problems can arise in your system. The experts at Greenbar Excavation have decided to organize a small list of the most common problems that necessitate a septic tank replacement!

Sewage Backups and Slow Draining

All the wastewater in your home is diverted into a septic tank when you are not connected to a city sewer system. The tank works to separate this wastewater; solids slide to the bottom of the tank and the resulting wastewater is known as effluent. A tank fills over time, and will become full after a while of no maintenance. Your septic tank installer should be available to pump your tank periodically (usually 1-3 years) to avoid your tank filling. Once the tank is filled completely, you could experience problems with slow draining (a bathtub taking longer than usual to drain completely) or sewage backups in your toilet! The first step to diagnosing this problem is to immediately call a professional to pump your tank. If the problem continues, you most likely have a clog in the line that connects your home and septic tank.

Drain field Flooding

When living with a septic tank system it is important to be conscious of the amount of water your family is using. All the water in your home drains to your septic tank; every shower you take or toilet you flush works to fill up your tank that much more. Your tank lets water lose in the drain field to complete the water treatment process, after which the treated water will rejoin the groundwater system. However, your drain field can only take so much abuse; if your septic tank releases more water than it can handle it will end up flooding, Puddles of water associated with terrible odors are a telltale sign of drain field flooding.

These issues are not only annoying to deal with, but potentially hazardous for your family as well! Untreated wastewater can cause damage to the health of your family members, make sure you continue maintenance to keep your system in top shape! Let your maintenance slip and are now dealing with a septic issue? Contact Greenbar Excavation for the best septic tank replacement in Oregon!