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Should You Put A Deck Over Your Septic Tank In OR?

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You might be thinking about putting up the deck you have been dreaming of for years. A deck that is beautifully completed can be a great addition to your home and an area for entertaining friends. Don’t forget to include your septic tank in OR when you are designing your patio or deck.

People often overlook their tank because it is often hidden underground and not easily visible. Before you start any construction, take the time to find your tank.

Do You Need to Cover Your Septic Tank with a Deck?

Homeowners can have a lot of trouble if they build a patio or deck over their septic tank. This could lead to costly repairs down the line.

The short answer is no. It is generally agreed that you shouldn’t build a deck over your septic tank. It’s best to go back and redraw your original plans if this is what you intended.

A few states have specific requirements about how close you can build structures to your tank. To avoid interference, many zoning ordinances require that you build at least five feet from the edge of your septic tank in OR.

Before you start any project above or near your septic tank, make sure to check with your local health department. They can provide the information you need to be safe when building near your septic tank in OR.

What is the problem with building over your septic tank?

Your septic tank will eventually need to be serviced. This could be for regular maintenance or emergency situations where your toilets have backed up, potentially flooding your home. In this situation, the service team will need to gain access to your tank immediately.

Repairmen might need to remove a deck that was built above the tank in order to access the tank and assess the problem. The homeowner would be responsible for both the repair and a new deck.

Before you dig out an area for construction, it is important to have a map showing where the septic tank is located.

It is possible to cause damage to your tank by accident, which can result in a costly repair.

Septic service companies often discover that a tank has been covered by a patio or deck. Many homeowners are unaware their tank is underneath.

A Note on Building a Deck over a Drainfield

You should also consider where your septic drainfield is located. This location is not ideal for your deck construction, as it can pose many other problems for the system’s functionality.

A patio or deck can cover your drain field to block sunlight from reaching the soil. This will prevent the effluent from properly evaporating and circulating. You don’t want to be sitting on your deck with an unpleasant stench.

It is a good idea to make a map of the property before you start building. This will help you understand where all underground utilities are located, such as pipes and tanks. This will help you avoid unexpected roadblocks and costly repairs later.

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