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Signs You Need A Septic Tank Replacement

Sewage backup or a problem with your septic system can be catastrophic for your home or your business. There are plenty of ways that a septic system can fill up or cause a series of issues with your property. Sometimes it’s important to recognize the earliest signs of trouble with your septic system. With proper maintenance and ongoing support for the system, it can go without replacement over several decades or even generations of your property. Maintenance plans are important to preventing replacement and costs with your septic system. Here are some of the top signs that you need a septic tank replacement or repair.

The Overall Age Of Your System

Septic systems are usually designed to last for 40 years or more. If you’re buying a new home and the septic system has been in place for over 40 years, it could be wise for you to consider a complete replacement. Older homes that have older septic systems will start to encounter problems. If you’re noticing these problems within the systems it’s very important to find out more about the age of your septic system and if it could be replaced. 

Your Property Has Expanded

If your family has grown or your property has expanded there’s a good chance that you may have outgrown your septic system. If you have a tank that’s too small, it’s going to fill up fast and you need to upgrade your system for your family and the number of people who will be using the septic tank. Proper upgrades for your system can suit the people using your property better. 

The Septic System Drains Slowly

If it’s taking a long time for your sinks and bathtubs to drain it’s a sign that you’re having septic issues. If you are facing significant problems with drainage you could have sludge buildup in the tank and this can be a sure sign that you need to either empty the tank or look towards some form of septic tank replacement. 

Standing Water Across Your Yard

If you’re starting to find water from the septic tank across your yard there’s a good chance that your septic tank is going to need repair or replacement. Drain field issues are fairly common in septic tanks and when the liquid from the septic tank is flowing out into your yard you could have your grass affected or intentionally run the risk that your foundation could be affected if the septic tank is draining towards areas of your home. Replacing the drain field can often be a useful fix here. 

Contaminated Water Sources

If nitrate has been detected in other water sources nearby there’s a good chance that there could be a sign your septic system is to blame. Investigating the issue on your septic system could be important to prevent problems with the surrounding environment and further damage. 

Replacing your entire septic system is often the worst-case scenario. Clogs could likely be removed or you may be able to handle a series of repairs that could improve the septic system for the better. If you’re noticing any of these top issues you need to contact the septic tank professionals for an inspection right away. 

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