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Site Grading

There are many common problems residential and commercial owners deal with on their property that can be attributed to sloping issues. Issues like pooling water can be incredibly annoying to deal with. From ruining entire sections of your lawn to becoming a breeding ground for pests like mosquitos, pooling water is never a wanted addition. In addition to this, bad sloping can also cause water to runoff in the direction of your home, causing water to leak into the home or seep in the foundation and cause issues down the line. Unfortunately this can also cause water to run off onto your neighbors properties as well, causing them the same issues! Before starting any work on the foundation or home, it’s important to have certified excavation service property site grade and ensure you are working with level ground! Greenbar Excavation has years of experience handling site grading and foundation preparation, let us set up your construction project and get it off to a great start! 

site grading

The Process Of Site Grading

Site grading a meticulously planned process that aims to create a base of level ground that is perfect for construction. Site grading can also be utilized on existing properties to help rectify any problems that land slope may be causing. Site grading requires heavy excavation machinery to ensure that the job progresses correctly, our state of the art heavy equipment is perfect for ensuring you are working with the perfect level base. Grading is usually done in two parts: the rough grade and the final grade. The rough grade is the first passover done by our contractors, permits and other details are analyzed and we begin work on clearing the area. The final grade is the finished product, the grade is completed effectively and the site is level and ready for construction.

When it comes to site grading, you need to work with an experienced excavation company who has years of experience grading different types of properties. Greenbar Excavation has extensive experience in both residential and commercial excavation projects and has produced hundreds of quality products for our clients. Greenbar is family owned and operated, as central Oregon’s premier excavation service we aim to bring these values to every job site we work on. Whether you need excavation for utilities, septic services, foundation setting, or site grading, our team of contractors is perfect for the job! Contact us today to learn more and check out what others are raving about with Greenbar!