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Speciality Trenching Services for Contractors

Speciality Trenching Services for Contractors

Speciality Trenching Services for ContractorsAny construction site will require the use of an excavation contractor in order to handle the process of grading and trenching a site. The land beneath the site of a brand-new structure will play a massive role in the overall structural integrity of a building. Understanding the importance of specialty trenching services for contractors can be crucial if you are planning on starting a new build or if you are considering a career in the construction industry. Here are some of the aspects of trenching services you may not have considered as part of the construction process:

Utility Conduits

Residential and commercial buildings do require a series of basic utilities such as electricity, cable, phone lines, plumbing, and fiber optics. With all of these services that have to run underneath the building, and excavation service will be responsible for digging a series of trenches that can protect all of these essential services in underground pathways. Hiring professionals to take on this requirement is beneficial. 

Digging a Trench For Conduit

Digging trenches for conduits require a series of specific tools. Your contractor will first consult the national electric code to make sure that the specific gaps for each trench are met and that every aspect of the construction is done to code. The contractor will also complete a full map of the site to make sure that all conduits can be installed in an intelligent manner. 

Drainage Trench

A quality drainage trench also will need to be included in the site to make sure that flooding can be prevented. A drainage trench can be engineered in a way that they can hold drainage pipes and water can be carried away from the runoff and various structures. 

Trenching For Electrical

Electrical trenching can require a specialized form of pathways and this is crucial to many new construction sites. With any type of commercial building or housing development, this type of trenching is a way that power can be distributed without the use of overhead power lines. By working closely with engineers, an excavation company can develop a plan for where the transformer box will be placed and where the electrical lines will run throughout a property. 


A waterline style trenching service is designed to make sure that types for plumbing can be placed efficiently under a building. The pipes need to be installed in such a way that there will be optimal drainage, adequate water pressure, and protection against frost. Making sure that these systems can be installed according to specifications are important in preventing costly repairs and a need for replacements. 

Trenching for Sewer Lines

Just like any type of water line trenching, there’s also going to be a need for sewer line trenching for efficient removal of sewage across the property. Quick access to sewer lines for maintenance need to be considered and each utility needs to be buried accordingly with provisions for environmental protection. 

HVAC Piping And Gas

Trenches will also need to be installed for natural and propane gas which are used throughout homes and commercial properties. The trenching for these types of utilities need to protect these pipes from environmental damage and ensure that the gases can be pumped efficiently underground.

Retaining Walls and Foundation Footing

As well as including specific trenching for a wide range of utilities within a building, an excavating contractor may also be responsible for managing the early construction process. Digging a trench for retaining walls and making sure that there is support for holding back soil throughout construction is important. Early trenching for a foundation pour can also be crucial in the early stages of construction. 

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are taking on a new construction build and you would like to contact an excavation contractor to assist you with the process of preparing your site. 

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