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Trench Excavation With Greenbar Excavation

Trench Excavation With Greenbar Excavation

As part of the excavation, trenching is a common tool in construction. This article will explain why and when trench excavation is used.

Trench Excavation

Simply by removing dirt, rock, or organic material, trenching is the process of creating a hole in the ground. Trenches can be as deep or wide as you like. Trenching is used extensively in construction to install underground pipes, sewers, septic tanks, water lines, drain lines, and sprinkler systems. It can also be used for gas systems, electric or fiber conduit, drainage, building retaining walls, and creating drainage.

How to Trench

A Central Oregon trench excavation company is an expert and will use a detailed process to complete any project. They will first plan an excavation route that is suitable for the project, does not damage any utilities, and minimizes the impact on the surrounding area. After determining the route, they will contact the utility location service to verify the correct location of underground electric, water, or communication lines. Once the depth of the dig is determined, the soil will then be evaluated to determine any excavation requirements, such as shoring up the sides or de-watering the trench. To remove the topsoil, the appropriate excavation equipment is used. Then the dig line will be followed to begin the dig. As long as the excavation is completed to the correct depth, the soil will be removed. It will be checked once the excavation is completed. The trench will be filled with soil. The topsoil may be replaced if necessary, and the area that was disturbed will be regraded.

Common Trench Excavation Hazards

These hazards may exist in all excavation work.

  • Cave-ins
  • Falling loads or worker falls
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Utility line damage

These hazards can be avoided by a skilled Central Oregon trenching firm. They will be well-trained in safety and have the ability to use safety systems during excavation. They will be able to supervise and enforce safety procedures. They will be able to access and exit the trenching area from proper points.

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