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Types Of Demolition We Offer

Types Of Demolition

Are you searching for a Central Oregon demolition company?

There are likely to be several companies that specialize in different types of demolition. Some companies may specialize in commercial property demolition, while others can only deal with pool demolition. A demolition contractor must be able to handle all types of demolition.

What types of demolition services does Greenbar Excavation offer? There are many options:

Commercial/Industrial Demolition

This includes everything, from old factories to high rise buildings. To ensure that your building is removed as quickly and efficiently as possible, our commercial services utilize the most up-to-date technology in demolition. We can help you deal with local regulators and arrange the demolition to ensure that there is no red tape. We also offer internal demolition services to those who want to remodel or make improvements to their office.

House Demolition

We can handle all types of residential demolition projects. We can help you with any residential demolition project, no matter how large or small. Our team is capable of handling any size demolition job. We offer the same professionalism, no matter how small or large.

Pool Demolition

We offer both inground and above-ground pool removal services. Each has its own challenges, so we come to inspect your pool before doing any work. The pool removal service we offer includes demolishment of the pool and hauling away the debris. We also re-grade and grade the land to make it usable for new purposes.


With every job we undertake, we offer hauling. We also offer this service as an independent service. This is a great option for those who have a large amount of debris and waste to remove from a commercial property. Our team of haulers can remove everything, from concrete and rubble to hazardous and environmentally dangerous waste.

Emergency Demolition

Major problems can arise in emergency situations. Emergency personnel may need the assistance of a demolition team to help them with their emergency situations. Unnoticed structural weakness in buildings can lead to sudden collapses. Our emergency demolition service is available 24/7. We can dispatch a team to your site to ensure safety and security.

Greenbar Excavation is able to handle all types of demolition work. If you have any questions about a demolition project, please contact one of our customer advisors.

Greenbar Excavation

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