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What Must You Do For Landscape Preparation

landscape preparation

One of the most fun and exciting home improvement projects is landscaping additions and improvements. It’s hard to find the right backyard pool or the perfect wooden patio for entertaining guests at the Sunday football game. Although everyone is focused on the details and design, there are some essential services that must be arranged before the project can begin. Well, What do you need to do for landscape preparation? 

Greenbar Excavation

Expert excavation contractors, Greenbar Excavation, are best suited to landscape preparation. This includes clearing the land and moving dirt and soil across the property to create a level surface to support construction. Greenbar Excavation is a family-owned and operated business that has been in operation for more than a decade. We bring the same dedication and hard work to each job we do. The excavation crew makes sure that your new landscape project is in compliance with code. Once the builders arrive, the ground is ready for use. These are just a few of the landscaping projects our landscape prep service can help with!

New Driveways

Are you looking to replace an old driveway? Landscape preparation is essential to ensure your driveway is properly sloped and protected from water. Drainage issues can lead to costly repairs. If water pooling near the driveway has a greater chance of seeping into the foundation and causing serious damage. To protect you from this danger, we properly grade all driveways!

Your Patio Additions

A patio on your outdoor space is a great way to take in the Oregon sunshine. To build a beautiful patio, you will need to hire a professional landscaper. Patios are susceptible to water damage, just like other landscaping projects. We make every effort to grade the area around your patio project. You don’t want water pooling next to your patio.

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