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Deep Foundation Excavation

Deep Foundation Digging: Learn More

Deep foundation excavation for a structure is not an afterthought. It supports the structure and holds it together. The foundation supports the building’s load, anchors it against wind, earthquakes, and soil movement, and protects it from moisture in the ground. 

The “dead weight” for the building is the structure and the “live load”, which includes people and other contents. It is important to hire a skilled contractor for deep foundation excavation to protect the build and its contents and ensure a long-lasting structure.

What Are Deep Foundations?

Deep foundations allow you to place building loads deeper into the ground to build a stable structure.

Deep foundation excavation can be divided into two types. Driven piles are piles that are driven into the ground. They can be made of concrete, timber, or steel. Concrete piles are either cast-in-place or pre-cast. Steel piles are made of steel and are driven into the ground, similar to a nail being driven into aboard.

You can have them filled with concrete or solid steel. Drilled Piers are made using a helical screw to drill the earth and create the foundation structure. This work can be done by a deep foundation digging firm.

Why Are Deep Foundations Important?

When the soil conditions are not strong enough to support a shallow foundation, deep foundations can be used to improve structural integrity. These foundations are used when soil stability is uncertain or the soil is easily compressed. 

They are also used when structures have a heavy load to support. To ensure strength and stability, deep foundations are used. They offer greater safety and security for the building’s owners as well as its occupants.

The foundation is strong enough to withstand the forces of nature and ensure that the structure can withstand heavy winds. It prevents ground water from rising to the surface and causing damage to a structure. Greenbar Excavation has extensive knowledge in the construction and requirements for deep foundations. Deep foundation construction requires skilled excavation techniques and knowledge of soils.

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