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Will Bleach Damage a Septic System?

Will Bleach Damage a Septic System

Will bleach damage a septic system? Don’t do it!

Your tank’s ability to function efficiently and how long your system will last directly affects the liquids you allow in. Many homeowners are not well-informed about what liquids should and shouldn’t be allowed to go down their drains.

Your septic system can be damaged by common household products and liquids. This could lead to costly repairs. These harmful liquids can cause damage to your tank and could cost you money.

Bad Liquids for Your Septic


Although it may seem like a small thing, the acidity in coffee can have a significant impact on the pH balance of your septic tank. Any coffee grounds left over from a previous cup of coffee can build up in the tank and cause it to back up.


Like coffee, soda can be high in sugar and acidity. This can cause a change in the pH balance of your septic tanks. Although it is unlikely that you are dumping large quantities of soda out on a regular basis, it is something you should be aware of the next time you finish your Coke.


Juices, like soda, tend to be high in sugar. Juice can be quite acidic and could cause problems for your septic. It is important for microbes to have a balanced pH in your tank. The pulp from juices with pulp may stick to the tank walls and make it difficult to remove later.


Bleach is the worst liquid for your septic. 

This chemical is a good choice to disinfect surfaces in your home. However, bleach can cause problems with your septic system, damage your drains, and even destroy the walls of your tank. Bleach can also cause harm to your tank’s good bacteria, which is essential for your system to function efficiently.

Drain Cleaners

Although a liquid drain cleaner might seem to be the best solution to the stubborn clog in your kitchen sink’s drain, it could also cause a larger problem in your septic system. The harmful chemicals can cause environmental problems and pose dangers to wildlife and plants around the drain cleaner once it reaches the leach fields.


You may feel tempted to dump the oil you have left over from the stove after you’ve finished cooking. The oil can become solidified and block your pipes. It can cause clogging in your pipes if it reaches the septic tank.

Antibacterial Soap

The proper amount of healthy bacteria in your septic tank will make it work better. The process can be slowed down if you add toxic substances to the mix.

Antibacterial soap is made specifically to kill bacteria. It can also harm beneficial microbes within your tank. Regular soap is less harmful to your septic system and your hands will remain clean.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent can cause harm to beneficial bacteria in your tank. Your groundwater can become contaminated if they reach your drain field. This issue can be significantly reduced by using phosphate-free detergents.

We hope this article has provided you with enough information to know if bleach will cause damage to a septic system, and what other bad liquids you should avoid. 

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