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7 Things Solar Farms Need From An Excavating Company

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Solar energy systems of large scale require the expertise of a diverse team, from the developer to the installer and solar engineer to an excavating company all the way to the manager.

All these specialized teams are crucial to the success and growth of a solar farm. However, this blog will focus on the site-work crew. Excavators do more than move dirt. Your entire project will be influenced by their work. They created the foundation for the solar farm. Site-work errors can cause problems throughout the entire solar development process. You can avoid costly mistakes by choosing the right excavating crew. This will ensure a smooth project and a solar farm that produces no emissions for many decades.

1. Experience Underground Utilities

Solar farms need a multitude of reliable and safe underground cables. These cables carry the live electric currents from your solar array to inverters and to the distribution panels. They are essential for ensuring that the electricity generated by your system reaches the homes and businesses who need it.

Make sure you have the experience to install and work around underground utilities when hiring a contractor for site work. A team that is able to recognize differences in soil composition and rockiness will be able to adjust their approach and use the appropriate equipment. They will work closely with electrical teams to ensure that cables and wiring are correctly insulated, ground, and marked.

2. Skilled In Earthwork And Land Clearing

You will need to have a team capable of clearing the way quickly for your solar array, no matter if it is a greenfield plot or a previously built area. As the project progresses, they will need to create service roads to allow trucks and other equipment to move around the site. The temporary access roads will be removed and replaced by permanent access roads to allow for maintenance and monitoring.

To ensure that the solar panels are properly installed, they must be able to work on the land. This includes everything from stormwater drainage to grading the land. They must also know how to maintain and advise on the proper ground cover, whether it is vegetation, gravel, or another, to protect the arrays.

3. Renewable Energy And Projects Manager

Inquire about past alternative energy projects from your potential excavating company. You can also include large-scale solar projects such as wind turbines and geothermal.

Their previous experience in alternative and renewable energy means they will have a wealth of knowledge that can be beneficial to your project. A sitework team that is familiar with the regulations and requirements of utility companies and government agencies can be a great asset.

Greenbar Excavation’s experience using renewable and alternative energy is worth a look.

4. An Interest In Project Planning

We have seen over 10 years of providing excavation services that a collaborative environment is key to project success.

The better the participation of specialty contractors in planning is, the more it will be. An excavating company, such as Greenbar Excavation, brings valuable insight and knowledge to the table during the planning phase. This will reduce the chance of site-related problems down the line, which can be costly and time-consuming.

5. In-House Equipment And  Crew

When clearing large areas of land, you need a team who can keep moving and get the job done. This will pave the way for the next stages of the project. This is why you need reliable access to skilled labor and specialized tools for large-scale projects.

A sitework contractor or excavator with their own crew and equipment fleet is the best way to ensure equipment availability and a workforce in demand in today’s construction industry. This eliminates uncertainty in subcontractor or equipment rental markets.

Greenbar Excavation has a fully-stocked fleet of equipment as well as an experienced team that can mobilize quickly to complete your job.

6. Great Testimonials, Reviews, And References

You can get a good idea of the contractor’s quality of work by reading what clients have to say about them. You can get a sense of what it is like to work for a company by reading reviews, testimonials, or looking at references.

This information is now easily accessible online. However, you should not rely on reviews online. Instead, it is better to get in touch with the people who know them personally. Ask for past clients’ contact information to get references. Call past clients to get a more honest response. If the reference’s project is similar to yours, they might have additional insights that could help you with your project.

7. Licensing, Bonding, And Insured

Although this one is obvious, it’s important to mention. Do not assume that a website designed professionally will be able to handle your project. Solar farms are large-scale, expensive projects that require significant upfront investments. Excavators will work in extremely technical environments and install expensive equipment.

You should ensure that the excavating crews you are considering have the necessary licensing, bonding, insurance, and experience to work on your solar farms.

Constructing A Successful Company

A large group of specialists is required to create a utility-scale, solar site. It’s easy to concentrate on the disciplines of electricians and solar engineers, but it is important to have a trusted excavator as well as a site-work contractor.

The construction process will be easier if you choose the right excavating company. Greenbar Excavation has the experience and approach to help you create a reliable, long-lasting solar farm.

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